The benefits of a Power Generator in your Condo

Do you know the benefits of a power generator for your condo? Emergency energy for elevators, gates, and cameras are some of them.

Nowadays, more and more people choose to have their home in a condominium. This is due to the safety and comfort offered, such as large areas of socializing, games room, swimming pools, among others. However, among many resources, there is one that cannot be forgotten: the power generator! Imagine how desperate it is to pick up an elevator with your child when suddenly there is a power outage with no return forecast? Or get unprotected due to non-functioning security equipment such as cameras and electronic gates?

More and more condos have surrendered to the great advantage that it is to own an electric power generator in your venture. Mainly for the security, it provides in times of lack of electricity, ensuring the normal operation of elevators, in addition to being able to keep the security system operating 100% and some key points of illumination of the condominium, until the situation normalizes. A very interesting option is the rental power generators, after all, the condominium can be unconcerned with defensive maintenance and still have 24/7 support, 7 days a week and 365 days a year!

How Power Generators Are Important & Beneficial In Condo and Carnival?

Given this scenario, and taking into account that the law of some municipalities signals to this attitude, it is possible to conclude that it is becoming almost a necessity to have power generators in condominiums, as so many families and people looking for such properties demand of safety.

Importance of Power Generator at Carnival

One of the most anticipated holidays in Brazil is the Carnival. It does not matter if you live in a big city or in the small town; Carnival always invades squares and avenues, whether through parades, blocks, schools of samba and electric. However, even with the whole party, it is extremely important to take special care of the electric network at parties, after all nobody wants to be responsible for turning a big celebration into a serious accident.

There are several things that should not be overlooked, some of them are: the use of serpentine by the revelers who play and jump through the streets should not be directed to the electricity grids, especially if the decoration is of the metallic type. Blocks that are followed by electric trios are warned not to draw their route through streets that have electrical wirings, but if this is necessary, one must be sure that the car is respecting the limit of 2 meters away from the energy poles.

When assembling and dismantling, moving stages and bleachers, it is also necessary to maintain a safe distance from the electric grids, as well as the decoration of façades. In addition, it is always important to remember that temporary connections may cause short circuits, which can result in intense electrical shock.

Now that you already know all the care you need to have with the power grid, going out on the streets partying will be much better and safer. And do not forget that to ensure the revelry in all places where there will be a party is indicated to use the service of a rental power generator. Carnival cannot lack energy!