Australian houses are often large and spacious with plenty of outdoor space. They provide a fantastic environment for our kids to play, explore and be active. Naturally we strive to ensure that our homes and backyards are safe and free from danger. This can include equipment or items that may cause a physical injury, however there are also other less visible dangers related to dirt, debris and pests.

Small children are always prone to diseases like the common cold, cough, respiratory issues, stomach ache and fevers. However most of the airborne and waterborne diseases are actually caused by unsafe and unclean outdoor surroundings. Therefore, it is essential to safeguard your outdoor areas to ensure you have adequate protection against pests and insects. Installing gutter guards for your home is an important way to secure clean outdoor surroundings. They prevent the build-up of dirt and debris in your gutters, which leads to mould and a breeding point for insects, birds and other pests which carry airborne diseases.

Gutter Guard Protection - Vital For The Health Of Your Family

Gutter protectors also prevent serious structural damage to homes foundation, walls and roof. Structural damage occurs when rainwater overflows and dampens the roof and walls.

Why Invest in Gutter Guards?

  • No Mould– Guards put a stop to mouldy formations due to overflowing gutter conditions.
  • No Chemical Treatments– Chemical treatments on mouldy areas are not required after installing gutter guard mesh, as mesh discourages the growth of mould and fungi.
  • Clean Tank Water– Rainwater accumulated in a clean gutter that is free from dirt and debris is transported to your water tanks and you get fresh, clean water.
  • Good Health for Your Kids– With a mould-free environment, there is less probability of respiratory illnesses such as asthma and pneumonia in young kids who have an under-developed immune system.
  • Health Risks Reduced– Keeping birds and pests away also means driving away dangerous bacteria, parasites and viruses that are spread through them to human beings.
  • Durable, Smooth Surface– The slick surfaces of gutter guards do not allow birds or animals to tear or chew the outer covering.
  • Longevity– A high quality secured protective gutter guard system has a life durability of approximately 25 years.
  • Bird and Pest Prevention– Most gutter guard covers prevent dirt, debris and leaves from getting into the gutters. They are also useful in keeping pesky birds, animals and mammals away from your roof.
  • Solid Building Structure– You can save large amount of money by preventing damage to the core structure of your building
  • Clean Outdoors– Guards help you to maintain clean swings, garden areas and patios from droppings.

There are a wide range of gutter guard options to choose from depending on a number of factors related to your home, the environment and your budget. Gutter mesh materials include polyethylene aluminium and woven stainless steel to name a few.

Gutter guards are an important investment, offering a range of benefits to you and your family. Aussie Gutter Protection are leading providers of gutter guard in Melbourne, supplying and fitting the highest quality products available.

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