Any time you buy a used vehicle or piece of equipment, you run the risk of spending your money on a lemon. However, if you are careful when purchasing a used forklift, you can save your company hundreds of dollars. Here are five tips to use when shopping for a used forklift for your business.

Know What is Needed : When you purchase a forklift, whether it is new or used, you will need to be aware of what your company needs. You should know the maximum weight it will be required to lift, the maximum height that loads will need to be lifted, and the forklifts’ height and width restrictions. Not only will you need to consider your current needs, but you will also have to think about how they might change in the future and look for a lift that can address those needs.

Buy from Reputable Dealer : Even though you may be able to buy a forklift from a company that is upgrading theirs or going out of business, you should only buy this equipment from a dealer that specialises in forklift sales in Sydney. A dealer will have thoroughly inspected the lift for structural and mechanical issues and made repairs when necessary. They can provide a warranty for any equipment they sell so if it does break down within the warranty period, the company will make the necessary repairs.

5 Tips For Buying A Used Forklift

Buy Based on Condition : Even though you may think that a younger truck is preferable to an older one, when you are looking at used forklifts your main consideration should be their condition. An older lift that has been gently used will be preferable to one that is newer but has a higher number of operating hours. Carefully inspect the forklifts to buy one that is in better condition and has been used for fewer hours, no matter how old it may be.

Carefully Inspect Lifts : Even when getting the equipment from a dealer, you will still want to visually inspect the lifts you are thinking of buying. Examine the forks, masts, rails, and chains for cracks, welds, missing pins, or other damage that could indicate the forklifts were overloaded. Ask about any repairs made by the dealer and make sure the forklift you end up buying has a warranty in case it does break down after you buy it.

Ask About History : Find out if the dealer knows about the history of the forklifts they are selling. While some of the lifts may be trade-ins from companies that have bought new ones from them, the dealer may be selling some of their old rental fleet as well. While it may be better to buy a lift that was part of the dealer’s rental fleet, it depends on how the lift was used and its condition.

By carefully inspecting each lift you are considering and knowing its history, you should be able to find a good forklift for your company’s needs. You will be able to save money on a used forklift in good condition.

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