The easiest way to create a website is to use one of the free open source content management systems code. Many bloggers choose WordPress because it has a simple user interface and beginners need less learning. Joomla is considered to be more complicated and not suitable for beginners. The truth is that for every new system you have to learn something new and the best method of learning by doing. Joomla CMS is universal, can be adapted to almost any purpose online. If you have no experience with creating websites or content management systems sites, Joomla has everything you need to make the first steps in online presence. One of the strengths of Joomla is also a great web community. For any problem you may find there an answer anywhere waiting.

For the first experiment and to learn the basics of creating Web pages, it is best to have Joomla installed on your computer. From typical web CMS is a desktop application, but only a script, a special environment to run is needed. This means that the Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP processor. You do not have to install it separately; there are some simple solutions like WampServer or EasyPHP which offer everything you need to run any PHP script. You also need a database – phpMyAdmin installation and use it to create a database and remember your name, user name and password. Joomla is very simple, just unzip the file in the www folder and start the installation process. You will need to enter the details of the database and password for administration. You will also be asked if you want to install sample data. You should do it unless you already know Joomla. After installation is complete you have a web site running. You can try it in the browser by entering “localhost” or the address of the computer where it is installed in the address bar of the web browser.

It takes some time to understand the basics of CMS and website creation. Simply access the service management background and check all the menus to see what is available there. Try to make some changes and see what effect they have on the web. You should also search the web for Joomla tutorials. Again, if you are new to Joomla and web content management systems will take some time before you will be able to make the website according to your tastes and needs. Whenever you have a question or problem just Google for it. Joomla has a large community of developers and users, each task or problem has already been described elsewhere.

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