Small businesses often lack required amount of investment so as to hire new professionals and quality services and this is the reason why each and every business nowadays, is moving towards cloud computing services. Also, as the cloud computing has proved to be the better and cost-effective solution for many IT firms it has given a great option for them to stay focused on their core business goals. Cloud database keep a great value in order to achieve more benefits from cloud computing technology. A cloud database is a special kind of database that is highly accessible to users from cloud which is delivered to them on-demand via the internet. It is more often referred to as Database-as-a-Service or DBaaS. Cloud databases use cloud computing technology in order to achieve optimized scaling, multi-tenancy, high availability and effective resource allocation.

Cloud databases are greater alternative to virtual machines because in order to have database on computer systems physical launching of a virtual machine instance is required. Also, when you make use of cloud database you are not required to maintain the database by your own because it is the responsibility of database service provider to maintain and manage the database according to application owner. These days, various cloud service providers offer many different types of database services including SQL based database service, MySQL interface database service, SimpleDB etc. Different database services consist of a database manager component that controls the underlying database instance using a specific service API. This API allows users to perform different scaling and maintenance operation such as creating database instance, modifying the resources available to a database instance, creating a snapshot of the database and restoring it back from the snapshot.

Cloud databases offer many significant advantages such as improved accessibility, fully automated on-the-go scaling, fast automated recovery from failures and automatic failover, nominal investment and maintenance of in-house hardware systems and potentially better performance. EnterpriseDB, Grantia Data, Google Cloud SQL, Microsoft Azure are some of the cloud computing technologies that offer cloud databases of extremely good features and enable users to perform their tasks with more flexibility and help improve their business scalability. Google Cloud, AWS and Azure consulting are a must in case you are considering cloud database as an alternative.

Cloud database services provided by different cloud computing services are also optimized to take advantages of additional resources automatically, which can greatly help businesses process their business demands without a drop in quality of service. Security is another big advantage of using cloud database because it is one of the hectic procedures for businesses to keep their database kernel and other critical software updated while cloud is automatically updated and ensures security of your database.

Collaborative access, disaster preparedness, no storage space requirement, reduced spending on technology infrastructure, no software requirement are some of the very great advantages of cloud computing and cloud database facilities. However, there are certain disadvantages also but considering some of the highly advantageous features like cost-effectiveness and scalability business can definitely rely upon the cloud database systems. This can also help achieve a greater business growth within a very less time.