Professional riders, tourists and workout enthusiasts know that cycling is kind of expensive hobby. No matter if you’ve purchased a brand new road bike with all your savings, if you’re wondering “This is it! I don’t have to spend anymore”, you need to wake up. There are plenty of things to take care of, such as road bike shoes, bottle cages, pair of gloves, and of course, the helmet. Besides on-going maintenance cost, there is another cost that cannot be separated, and that is, “Sports Nutrition”.
While cycling for over 90 minutes, you’d have lost so much energy that a bottle of water or a lemonade wouldn’t compensate for it. You need something energetic and highly nutritious, such as isotonic drink. Riding without an isotonic drink is just like driving a car in an unknown territory without a map. There’s always a risk of car running out of gas in the middle of the journey.
Here’s what isotonic drink does:

  • It keeps you fresh,
  • Gives you an ability to ride faster, and
  • Maintains your glucose level so that you don’t lose focus

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What is it?
Isotonic drink is a sports drink that contains following basic ingredients:

  1. Water
  2. Electrolytes, and
  3. Carbohydrates (or similar substances)

The more the carbohydrates the better will be the drink. In best isotonic drinks, carbohydrates are in high concentration, ranging between 6 to 8 percent. Organic compounds, such as sucrose, fructose and glucose have higher concentration of carbs, so they’re the basic ingredients of isotonic liquids.
The need of isotonic drink
As you cycle for long duration, your muscles lose high amount of carbohydrates, due to which you get fatigued. As a result, your ability to ride at consistent pace diminishes. Here, isotonic drinks can help you restore carbohydrates in your muscles and keep going on long rides.
Some studies have shown, cyclists improved their performance up to 20% because of isotonic drinks. Moreover, when you get carbohydrates, your mind keeps working normally, so that you can finish long rides.Same goes to the fitness enthusiasts.
How will my body utilizes them?
The body tends to utilize glucose for energy, because it’s the easiest source to get. Isotonic drinks have carbohydrates in the form of concentrated glucose. So, they help keep your glucose tanks full during long rides.
How Much Should One Drink?
Few years back American College of Sports Medicine modified its guidelines concerned with taking fluid during physical activity. Now, athletes, body builders and pro-cyclists no longer have to follow volume charts.
There are a couple of reasons for revising the guidelines,

  • Every individual has his own needs and body requirements. So, it’s quite impossible to make or follow a hard-n-fast rule for fluid intake.
  • Following specific volumes per hour can alter the balance of your body. There is a high risk of dehydration as well as water intoxication.

So, next time when you hit the gym, make sure you have isotonic drink with you.

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