Time and again, theories on Baltic amber have made rounds – only to be proven true each time. Adults and children all over the world have sought advantages from this tree resin and shared their satisfactory experiences with others. Those who still haven’t had the chance to witness the benefits of Baltic amber first hand and wish to get acquainted with teething necklaces made with them can read on to seek answers and clear all doubts.

FAQs On Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

What exactly is a Baltic amber teething necklace

As the name suggests, Baltic amber teething necklaces are made of Baltic amber beads. They are designed to be adorned by children who are teething. Worn close to the neck, they are ideal for children above the age of 3.

Why is there a disparity in the prices

Some amber beads are more polished and rounded than the others. They take more time to make and may be more costly. Also, some Baltic amber beads are rarer than the rest, making them worth much more. However, the prices do not always reflect the healing qualities of Baltic amber necklaces. Usually, the unpolished amber has maximum effect.

Is it true that a Baltic amber teething necklace cure my kid’s teething pain

If you trust the testimonials of parents using Baltic Amber teething necklaces, you would believe that Baltic amber serves as an analgesic to ease teething pain and alleviate the side effects like restlessness, irritation and drooling.

How does Baltic amber cure? Is it magic?

Baltic amber consists of 3-8% succinic acid. Succinic acid is a scientifically tested medical substance that is also used in modern-day medicines. The maximum content of this acid can be found in the amber cortex, an external layer of the resin.

And why must I specifically opt for Baltic amber

Baltic amber reduces inflammation of cheeks and decreases drooling by controlling the stimulation of the thyroid glands. Traditionally associated with sunlight and warmth, Baltic amber boosts our natural immunity system, including our ability to heal wounds, reduce inflammation in the throat, ear, respiratory system and stomach. No over the counter medicine in the market today can come close to the natural remedial effects of Baltic amber.

What’s the composition of Baltic amber?

Formed more than 45 million years back, Baltic amber is a fossil, an organic resin that was created by pine trees of Northern Europe. That region was the present day South Scandinavia and close by regions of the Baltic Sea. As the climate became warmer, the pine trees started to give out large amounts of resin. According to scientists, Baltic amber is a fossil pine resin that has accomplished a stable state via oxidation over the years. Chemically, amber includes 10.5% hydrogen, 10.5% oxygen and 79% carbon.

Do the necklaces come in different sizes?

All necklaces are made with smooth well rounded amber beads and tend to measure between 12 and 15 inches or 30 and 38 cm in length. If you require a special size of Baltic amber necklace or bracelet, or wish to check out different designs, you can visit theartofcure

Is there any difference between Baltic and other types of amber?

Baltic amber has the largest content of succinic acid. And so it possesses the maximum healing properties. There are other fossil resins too that bear resemblance to the Baltic amber but they don’t hold succinic acid. Only the original Baltic amber that formed 45 million years ago contains DNA of ants and insects and plant inclusions from that period. And so it is said to provide natural healing and other therapeutic treatments to support your body’s immune system.

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