It has always been a question when you want to increase you elo in League of Legends. Selecting the best service to make sure no one knows who is playing on your account is not easy.  So what do you need to check before buying an elo boost?


Use of VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) helps encrypting the IP address from the location where the booster is entering your account. So before logging in, the booster has to connect to this software and select the location requested by the customer, so that the account won’t be targeted and it will avoid to be suspected.

The ban rate of the account is much lower when using this software. Only professional services use VPN that’s why it can be worth to use them even if it’s more expensive than just adding a Diamond player (that you don’t know) to do it.

Use offline mode

Using a simple command on the desktop before you log in can make you appear offline while you are in game. In the LoL client, no one can chat with you since they see you offline. So even if your scores are higher than on average during the boost, people can’t see that you are playing so they won’t notice anything.  They won’t be able to see your last games played or the champions used for it.

Choose a duo queue boost

It’s probably the safest way to not get banned from the game. Playing ranked games with someone else by starting a duo queue is very effective. Indeed, the booster will use a low elo smurf that is close to your elo then he will boost it to the division you wanted.

This is a different type of MMR boost but it is obviously as powerful as other services.

Since boosting goes against League of Legends terms of use, securing his account is a priority to not get his account banned. So when you want to increase your matchmaking rating, you should know who is doing it.