Apple has already announced the new MacBook Pro during a media event at its headquarters in Cupertino. Many details were leaked in advance, such as the touch bar above the keyboard and the new fingerprint scanner. The new MacBook Pros are today already available in the Apple Store and supplied in the market.

macbook pro 2016

Touch Bar

Apple will not be happy that already early leaked much information about the OLED bar. It was thought that Apple would use the name Magic Toolbar, but ultimately chose Touch Bar. OLED strip above the keyboard is the main new feature. The fixed function keys F1 / F12 expired and also dedicated buttons for adjusting the screen brightness, music and sound volume are no longer in place. Instead, there is a narrow touch screen is provided, which depending on the application shows other functions.
Also, third-party developers can develop applications for the Touch Bar. On stage, Apple showed applications in Adobe Photoshop (graphics) and Algorithm (make music). Both of these updates of the software appear before the end of the year. Microsoft also will customize all Office apps before the end of the year for the Touch Bar, which incidentally supports 10 fingers simultaneously. Pixelate, Sketch, Resolve and more will make adjustments to the Touch Bar.

Are you in a Word document, you get keys cut and paste to see. In Photoshop, you get feature photo processing image. This new Touch Bar is gone Escape key (but there is a solution).

Fingerprint Scanner

From previous leaked pictures it was already known for all that the new MacBook Pro features a fingerprint scanner, right above the keyboard. This Touch ID Sensor can be used to make payments, as already evidenced by the pictures. With such a payment you will see the final amount in the OLED bar, with the option to cancel. You put your finger on the Touch ID button, you consent to the purchase.

T1 chip

Apple has developed a chip for the new MacBook, which sits to the left of the keyboard, for example, the security of Touch ID and control the Touch Bar controls.


Apple has also added a C USB ports to the MacBook Pro. This connection was first introduced with the 12-inch MacBook. Both models have four Thunderbolt 3 ports with USB C-appearance, with 40Gb / s bandwidth. With each of these ports can also charge. Each port can Thunderbolt, USB, HDMI, Display Port, VGA and more. A separate connection for power (like the MagSafe) failure and the HDMI port and SD card slot seems to be missing.

Headphone jack, colors and more

Many people will wonder what Apple will do with the headphone jack. Which appears still present on the MacBook. Has also been known that the MacBook Pro will be available in silver and space gray. The leaked images showed the MacBook only existing color silver.

It is the first time since 2012 that a redesign was implemented. At first glance, the new MacBook Pro looks still the same as its predecessors, but the details are different. The new model is slightly thinner and lighter that attracts the users and force to upgrade to MacBook Pro. If you also want to sell you upgrade to Pro, then visit and sell you Mac today to get a new one with more new features and colors.