If you are user of AT&T services and you are considering how to unlock AT&T iPhone your device so you can use different SIM cards then the recommended method to use is the AT&T unlock. With this unlock method you will get permanent unlock from Apple’s database for your AT&T locked iPhone. This service works for all iPhone models regardless of whether they have clean/blocked/barred IMEI or on which iOS version the operate.

The unlock is efficient, cheap and very fast. We can guarantee certain iPhone unlock in 1-2 days maximum.

How To Unlock AT&T iPhone Requirements

If you are intending how to unlock AT&T iPhone then there are several things you should take into consideration.

The current Unlock offers applies only for iPhone devices which are locked to AT&T mobile network. If your device was first activated on different operator you should not order unlock. TO check your network carrier you can use our free network checker bellow on our page.

Now the most important requirement for the AT&T unlock method to be applied on your device is to know your iPhone unique IMEI code. Every Apple device has one so it is really simply task to find it. You can use two methods to find out your device IMEI. Number one is to go to Setting-General-About and scroll to the bottom of the page. The 15 digit number which you will see is the IMEI code. Or alternatively you can simply open your iPhone dial pad and dial *#06# and the code will be immediately shown.

Begin Guides How To Unlock AT&T iPhone

If you meet the requirement mentioned above then you are ready to make an order. Click Unlock now and begin the unlock AT&T iPhone process by following our unlock instructions:

  • Add your name, email , address in the empty fields
  • Provide your AT&T locked iPhone IMEI code
  • Confirm the order by making payment
  • Confirm that you have receive our notification email
  • Wait 24-48 hours while the unlock is being conducted
  • Activate via ITunes. Launch iTunes and Update and Restore your iPhone
  • Congratulations your AT&T iPhone is now officially unlocked

This is the whole unlock procedure. If anything is unclear feel free to contact us via email, Skype or by posting comment bellow. If you have questions how to Unlock AT&T iPhone please write on the support team they will help you to unlock your iPhone.