Want to make the perfect espresso at home? Doing so is easier than you may think. Follow these top tips for brewing espressos at home that taste just like those from your favorite coffeehouse.

How To Make The Perfect Espresso

Clean your Machine

You may own the best espresso machine ever created but, if you don’t clean it regularly, it will still produce subpar espressos. Follow the directions included with your machine regarding how frequently it should be cleaned, how to clean it and more. Every machine is different, so following the manufacturer’s specific cleaning instructions is crucial for best results.

Inspect your Grinder

If you haven’t yet, invest in a high-quality conical burr grinder. And be sure to regularly inspect the grinder’s blades to ensure they are working at their best capacity. Read the instructions that were included with the grinder regarding how often the blades should be replaced and how to replace them. Keeping your grinder at top functioning power will result in a better coffee bean grind and, ultimately, a better espresso.

Buy Quality Beans

Give your top-notch espresso machine and grinder what they crave – quality coffee beans. Even when processed through the best of equipment, sub-par beans are still going to taste sub par. Visit a local coffee roasterie in your area and chat with the baristas about their preferred espresso beans. They should be able to recommend beans for you to grind and brew at home.

Compare Taste

No two coffee varieties are the same. Everything from the elevation where the coffee beans were grown to how they were processed can impact their taste. Learn more about the differences in coffee beans by purchasing a variety of beans from a variety of roasteries. Compare their tastes and begin learning more about your preferences.

Use the Right Cup

Capture the aroma and flavor notes of home-brewed espresso by brewing it into a proper cup. Drinkware that’s made specifically for espressos is fairly inexpensive and can make all the difference in the enjoyment you receive from each drink. If you aren’t sure which brand of espresso cups to purchase, start by asking a barista at a local roastery. You can also read cup reviews online to learn more about the quality of each brand you’re considering.

Know your Preferences

According to this Expert Interview Series: David C. Schomer About Espresso as a Culinary Art, a major step in making the perfect espresso is knowing your preferences. Do you prefer coffee beans that exhibit more floral notes, sweet notes, or a combination of both? Knowing your taste preferences will help you select beans that match those preferences. This, in turn, will help you create the perfect espresso that matches your palate.

Don’t settle for subpar espressos at home. Rather, from investing in a quality espresso machine to choosing the perfect cups and more, follow these essential tips for making espressos that taste as if they were brewed in a quality coffeehouse.

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