It’s always important to look for new ways to improve. Whether you’re dealing with your career, marriage or parenting style, improvement is the key to growth. The same idea applies to your physical fitness regimen. If you’re intentionally looking for ways to improve your technique and fitness acumen, you’ll continue to stretch and strengthen your body in new ways. Consider these five ways you can improve your fitness routine in the following exercises.

1. Running

If you’re the one who’s on the track in the wee hours of the morning, this is the time when you have the most energy and it’s good to take advantage of that. If you like running a 5K each morning, see how long it takes you to run it. If it takes you 30 minutes, do your best to shave five minutes off of the run. This will require to move faster and breathe better.

2. Swimming

Take a look at how long it takes you to swim a few laps in the pool. Work to beat your time and shave a few seconds off at a time. A great way to improve involves trying new techniques. Take a look at a swim technique video to learn a different way to approach the water and beat your time.

3. Yoga

While yoga is certainly a cathartic and therapeutic experience, it requires a commitment to the process. If you’re not flexible, this practice will help you get there. However, you have to learn to lean into the process and let go of your own fears. Face your fears each time you approach the mat. You’ll experience growth in no time.

4. Resistance Training

Resistance training is always helpful for toning and developing your muscles. If you’re someone who prefers a modified push-up, set a goal of doing a full push-up on your own. Continue this process on a consistent basis to see results.

5. Dance

Dancing is a ton of fun. Even the clumsiest person can learn more about how to dance well and nail different routines. If you tend to be a little shy in the dance classes, practice the steps at home. Practice with a dance DVD to help you get the rhythm you’re looking for.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and your workout regimen won’t improve in a day either. Give your body time to adjust. Always challenge yourself, but don’t rush yourself. Be patient and always remember that it’s a journey. Implement these practices to make it a worthwhile one.

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