A personal statement for business studies may be the one thing standing between you and getting into that prestigious University to pursue a course in any business-related field. You may wonder why so? This is because the highest subscribed courses in a majority of Universities are business related; therefore competition is stiff, and they need to select only the best. Secondly, you may not have all the 3 A’s from A-level necessary to secure a position. You use your personal statement for business to help you guarantee yourself a chance.

Writing a personal statement is often seen as a challenge to many individuals. Probably, reason as to why universities have opted to use this technique to identify the best! Well, it really shouldn’t be a challenge but rather a walk in the park, and we are here to show you just how. It’s all about you. You couldn’t have gotten a better topic to write on. An opportunity to express yourself to the ‘world’ in some way. Once you acknowledge and understand this fact, and you have mastered your language skills, then you need not worry!

Personal statements vary depending on what course they are meant for. It’s, therefore, pertinent that you write a personal statement that is in line with the course. In this case, it’s for business studies; then it will be business oriented. So, exactly how can you articulate your strengths’, skills, vision and ideas in your personal statement and get to secure that chance? Here’s how:

  1. Let Your Statement Flow

The business tutors need to understand you. The purpose for writing the personal statement for business studies is to express who you are and what you’re about to them. Therefore, should they not be able to get this message, then you’ll not have been successful in your mission. Creating flow is all about checking your statement’s organization and structure.

This means that your work should be free of mistakes and it should portray thoroughness. Therefore, it would be unexpected to have ‘minor’ mistakes such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, misuse of adverbs and so on – basically, anything related to sentence structure and flow. It would such a disappointment if the tutors disregarded your statement because of such errors when the internet is bursting with a myriad of proofreading tools that can help you perfect your document. And especially with the fact that at your level, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The thing is, you could have the best personal statement but if you have such mistakes your message may be distorted, and in the end, nobody else will understand your story apart from you. You’ll be left asking yourself why you wrote the statement in the first place.

The other advantage to having a well-organized and structured personal statement is that it communicates to your readers that:

  • You have interest in your work
  • You possess management and organizational skills

These two traits are very much needed in the business world and business tutors understand so, a reason as to why they are quick to pick it up when assessing your personal statement for business studies.

  1. Be Business-Minded

As the theme suggests, it’s a personal statement for business studies, therefore don’t forget to highlight your entrepreneurial skills. The majority of the business tutors look for business minded people – individuals with the capacity to identify an opportunity and exploit it for profit. However, not just any business idea but one that shows the potential of advancing the society or solving existing challenges. Basically, any venture that benefits the society rather than dooming it. It’s all about people with the ability to provide solutions to existing business problems.

  1. Be Knowledgeable On Your Course of Choice

Do you have a thorough understanding of the course you are seeking to pursue? Well, you should. This is an important decision we have had to make all along different stages in our education. It’s a decision that has an impact on our future, specifically our professional path. Therefore, when you decide to take a course, ensure that it will take you down your desired path. How exactly do you get to determine whether a course is suitable for you or not? By doing enough and sufficient research on the course. This way, you’ll get to understand why you should choose a particular course.

The advantage to this is that your personal statement will express your true intentions and thorough understanding of what your expectations are, and tutors love this. They are keener on knowing why you opted to pursue a course in business and your interests. What has led you to that point? Therefore, portraying your thorough understanding of your course of choice in your personal statement for a course in business studies is vital.

  1. Don’t Go Overboard

Don’t be a show-off. Humility is a very important personal attribute for success in any business venture. Therefore, show your readers exactly that. This also means that you’ll need to tone down on your skills. Don’t ‘over qualify’ yourself. It’s okay to let your readers know some of your skills and successes but with some limits. The aim here is to show the tutors your personality but while remaining formal and sticking to the objective.

This is also the opportunity for you to make a first lasting impression. Remember that your first impressions have always had a hand in your successes. An excellent way of having a good and lasting first impression on your tutors is by having a great opening, and balance to how you express yourself – by not going overboard with your ideas and self-presentation. A good opening is crucial in maintaining your reader’s interest in your personal statement.

  1. Show Your Experiences

So, you have described your skills and capabilities. Next step is to back them up or support them with evidence. How? It’s simple! Just highlight some of your personal experiences that portrayed the stated skill. Of course, other than, this the university needs to see that you have some relevant business experience.

Yes, you may have done an excellent job of showing your readers some of your most excellent personal attributes, but without some experiences to show so to your readers, chances are they will just be words on paper! What you’ll need to do to avoid such a scenario is simple. Identify your personal attribute, then from your various experiences, select the one that portrays you displaying that particular attribute. Basically, the one that’s more relevant to that attribute! Your experiences are proof of your capabilities!

Your experiences also let the tutors get more insight into who you are. The path that you’ve taken in your journey to reach that particular point shows your readers what you’re capable of and are willing to do. This way, they won’t have uncertainties on whether you’re a performer or not. Based on your provided experiences, they will have an answer. Just be sure to include experiences that are more relevant to your personal statement in business studies. Experiences that show you have great intentions in your business life.

  1. It’s About You

You are writing about you. Be sure to stick to that. You are writing a personal statement. ‘Personal’ being the key word. This means that as you write your personal statement, remember that it’s an opportunity for you to communicate your ideas, strengths, and capabilities to your audience, nobody else’s.

Therefore, capitalize on you and your capabilities rather than talking about other people. This shows that you have confidence in yourself and gives the readers a reason to select you. Having confidence in yourself implies that you know what you want and you’ll go for it.


Personal statements for business studies play a significant role in determining whether you get admissions to your choice of university or not. It is, therefore, prudent that you take sufficient time to get a grip of how to write personal statements. Writing your personal statement is often seen as a nightmare but that ought not to be the case. It’s simple once you’ve mastered the tips we have identified for you. Do your personal statement to reflect you and your beliefs. However, caution needs to be taken as people tend to go overboard in describing their abilities. The key here, as mentioned, is not to ‘over qualify’ oneself.

The most important thing is for you to present an excellent masterpiece, originality is invaluable in your personal statement. Check on every single detail, minor or major, to ensure that your statement is of high quality. This means the experiences you put must have some relevance, the grammar and spellings must be correct. Sentence structure and flow must also be correct. You may not have the required academic entry qualifications, but your personal statement for business studies might just be the thing that helps you get into that course.

In the inclusion, I want to say that in order to be a good businessman and learn how to manage your financial situation, you need to listen to interesting persuasive speech topics of the famous businessman like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates as many as possible. This will help you on your way to starting your own business.

You have an experience with writing personal statements, let us know how you wrote it and what helped you write a successful one. If this is your first time, then these tips will help you do an excellent job. Also, be sure to let us know how it worked out for you.

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