Taking steps to prevent back injuries and strain is important. One of the best ways to do this is by wearing a back support brace. In addition to protecting your back from strain, a support brace can also train your back to maintain proper posture as you sit and make movements. There are several types of back support braces to choose from. Each one focuses on a specific part of your back. The key to choosing the right one is deciding which portion of your back you’d like to focus attention on. Here are the areas to consider:

  • Lower back
  • Middle back
  • Upper back
  • Shoulders

There are also support options that focus on more than one portion of the back. Take a quick look at the different options available today. Each type of back support brace can be worn under clothing. All are ideal whether you’re looking for back support for back pain or if you’d like to proactively prevent back strain by maintaining good posture.

Find The Right Back Support Brace

The Shoulders Back Posture Support

This particular style of back support brace is focused on the region of the upper back and the shoulders. It is ideal for helping to correct poor posture that is responsible for back pain and muscle strain. This lightweight and discreet brace is designed to train the shoulder muscles to stay back in proper position. Wearing it for just an hour a day can bring about positive results. This product isn’t ideal for people dealing with mobility issues in the arm and shoulder region who do not have anyone to assist with putting on the brace. Measure the circumference of the rib cage just below your chest to find the correct size.

The Saunders Posture S’port Support

This brace is focused on providing back support for back pain to the full back and the shoulders. It anchors around the waist to keep shoulders from sloping and create proper spinal alignment. The back and shoulders are kept in a neutral position that helps to prevent back pain and shoulder pain. This brace uses cotton fabric with a pinch-free design that is extremely comfortable and won’t bind. It features an adjustable elastic waistband. This product should be sized according to your waist measurement.

The ProLite Lo Plus Lumbar Support

This support brace is designed to stabilize the lumbar back region. Its design is centered on a firm posterior panel that provides relief for those dealing with both occasional and chronic back problems. It can be ideal for people with lumbar strain, lumbar instability, cramps, spine sprains, muscles sprains or muscle weakness.

The Posture Aid Clavicle Splint

This brace focuses on the upper back and shoulder region. Its unique figure-eight design acts to retrain your muscles to create proper posture and prevent long-term back problems. It features padded shoulder straps and customizable Velcro bands. Measure from the center of your back to the shoulders to find your correct size.

-Marc Kaplan

CEO, Save Rite Medical


Marc Kaplan is founder and CEO of Save Rite Medical — the leading provider of wholesale medical supplies. A salesman by day and educator by night, Marc enjoys providing valuable ways and alternatives to living a healthier lifestyle

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