Personal injury law firms are all over with advertisements on their firms as well as personal injury lawyers in all most all mediums and channels that reach the mass. The industry is a competitive one and continues to grow with new trends and greater heights day in day out.

The personal injury law firm operates uniquely in all their operations even when it comes to planning and legal marketing. Once a person is involved in an accident, they can get a lawyer who will negotiate on their behalf and get what’s best for them. Most of the times, these lawyers get their incomes from contingency fees, which is a certain percentage on the final settlement.

 Personal injury firms marketing strategies

Just like any businesses, personal injury law firms are entitled to market themselves and to keep up with various changes and happenings in the industry. Below are some of the best strategies they use for marketing purposes:

Setting cost per case goals

As opposed to ROI, cost per case, also known as CPCase, is an excellent opportunity to set the expectations of the personal injury law firm. Knowing the CPCase of a firm helps in guiding, and it comes to making marketing decisions. Having Knowledge on this is an essential factor for the growth of the firm as well as calculations of the immediate ROI.

Tracking leads

Leads are generated from the personal injury law firm websites submissions as well as the online chats. These leads can be easily set up and help in conversions tracking with Google analytics. Am most cases, the law firms rely mostly on driving phone calls. For a firm to take the lead, having phone call tracking on the landing pages and websites is vital.

Having Google reviews

In this age of internet and technology culture, investing in Google reviews is a good thing for the personal injury law firms. It is vital to encourage clients to share their experiences with the world. Making use of review sites of your choice is important can help to give people insights of who you are and what you offer as a firm.

Most importantly, having a company culture that reminds their clients to share their thoughts and experiences online in the quest to educate others is essential.

Dominating the search results

Personal injury law firms are using Ad extensions to gain dominance in the search results. The advertisement platforms enable the firms to enhance their findings, which in turns improves their performance. It is one way of taking advantage in the competitive industry. Some of the commonly used ad extensions include:

  • Call extensions which allow adding a phone number to the ads. The calls are thus tracked conversions in the performance metrics.
  • Site links which enable the firms to send their clients and visitors to a different part of the site.
  • Location address which adds the business address of the law firm.


The injury is full of personal injury law firms, thus an increase in competition. Utilizing the strategies mentioned above enables them to maintain a top ladder level at all times.

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