Where do you put the engagement ring? This is the question people usually ask when they are getting engaged. About its use and choice, there are many options that will let more appreciate your wedding ring more as a truly special piece. It is the most anticipated gift for brides. It is delivered at the time of the engagement and represents the beginning of a new life with your partner. In a nutshell, a wedding ring holds great importance as a lot of sentiments are attached to it. Not knowing how to care for it afterward will be injustice, not just to the ring, but also to all those sentiments that it carries within.

What does the engagement ring mean?

It is a symbol of promise, a commitment prior to the final union, therefore, it is a gift of gratitude and at the same time of duty. The stones that are used represent the strength and purity of the relationship. The engagement ring is a way to symbolize true love and to unite the affections.

Where do you place the engagement ring?

In most countries, the engagement ring is used on the left ring finger. On the left ring finger is the “vena amoris,” a small vein that passes through this finger and reaches the heart directly, according to the Egyptian tradition.

Left or right? In the end, each couple can decide where they want to use them and create their own tradition.

Where do you find the best rings?

Based in New York City, the brand Gabriel & Co. holds a state-of-the-art collection of wedding rings, engagement rings, rings for recreation and style. The brand offers a vast collection of handcrafted items where each spectacle reflects their years of expertise and brilliance operating in the industry of handcrafted jewelry. Customers marvel over the appeal of these fascinating rings. Gabriel & Co. supply rings of all kinds to a number of locations in the UK, the US, and Canada.

How is the engagement ring?

It cannot be any piece of jewelry. The engagement rings have a specific feature.  Although the choice depends on the personality of the couple,

Many engagement rings have an endless style with some diamond or gemstone. And depending on the type of jewel chosen, the symbolism will be different. However, there is a growing tendency to buy a solitaire ring, without any stone, to deliver it in compromise.

Engagement rings with stones

In minerals, many women seek their energy and protection tools. Quartz is a mineral of the earth’s crust that stands out for its hardness and resistance.

Delivering a diamond ring represents perfection and firmness, as it is the hardest material known on earth. Choosing sapphire symbolizes success and wisdom. The emerald, on the other hand, is a sign of abundance and balance, whereas ruby is the stone of trust and intelligence.

How to deliver an engagement ring at a dinner? 

This is one of the most traditional and romantic ways to ask the bride if she wants to get married. After dinner in a romantic place and share a glass of wine or champagne, you tend to begin the wedding preparations. This moment can also be addressed more informally. Everything depends on the characteristics of each couple.

In addition, there are those who like to add a touch of fun and supplant the traditional red velvet box by placing the ring at the bottom of the glass of champagne or in the middle of the dessert. And without a doubt, this gives the proposal an even thoughtful touch, further appreciating its value for the new owner.

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