Many people think it is very unlikely that social media marketing would work. It may not work for some due to their mistakes but it doesn’t mean that it won’t work for anyone. Most of the companies don’t incorporate social media properly into their marketing efforts due to lack of expertise. They need help for social media agency Pakistan to develop their marketing strategies properly on social media platforms.  Some marketers also get discouraged if they don’t quick results, they need to realize that it takes time to show effective results.

Here are some of the common mistakes which many of the companies make while marketing on social media.

Eliminating Social Media Marketing Because A Company Thinks It’s Ineffective:

If you believe that social media is not targeting the right audience for you and it’s not suitable for industry. Then this is one of the common misconceptions which may people hold. They think that social media is only for teenagers and people who are technology friendly. No, but this is not true. Social media is for everyone and can benefit everyone if used in an appropriate way with right tools and expertise. Through these tools you will also be able to put together an effective social media marketing strategy that won’t only help you in boosting sales but it would also keep you ahead of your competitors.

Wrong Measurement Of Key Performance Indicators:

When a business is measuring KPI’s for social media marketing, there are many metrics which fall into the trap of vanity metrics. They just measure the likes of Facebook and followers on Twitter and if these figures are growing they are happy. As discussed earlier social media marketing is just like other marketing channels. You need to measure the impact of campaign and not the number of followers.

No Marketing Plan For Social Media:

Sometimes social media can be a total waste of time without any plan for action. This is what happens, many companies fall into this trap. They start posting regularly to their social media accounts; share some of their content here and there. This is not what social media marketing is.

It must be approached the same way as you approach a plan for any of the marketing campagns. There are some specific goals set, budgets and plans and things that a business is trying to accomplish. There has to be a plan for everything, how to measure the results, resources allocated. Everything has to be predetermined.

Considering All Social Media Platforms To Be Same:

You need address the audience is different ways possible, because if they would post the same thing everywhere, their audience would get annoyed and would get distracted because no one likes seeing repetitive things all around so it important to be diversified and share content that is different and attracts audience.

No Engagement With The Audience:

Your customers want instant and quick replies and if you fail to do so, then it means that you’ll lose some of your potential competitors as they’ll switch to your competitors who reply them instantly to their queries. Hence, it is advisable to hire a social media agency Pakistan for a successful social media marketing campaign.

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