Thailand is well known as a great tourist spot. Not only is it easy on the pocket, but is also home to awe- inspiring scenery and fun-filled adventurous activities. Owing to the islands very nature, it has become a place for corporate retreats. People tend to travel to Thailand to kick back and relax. Each year millions of people travel to this Tropical Havana to enjoy its sandy beaches and benign climate. Thailand has a many activity to offer which carry a lot of health benefits as well. One of the trending activities is Muay Thai, commonly known as Thai Boxing.

The Art of Eight Limbs

Muay Thai also referred to as “The art of eight limbs” is becoming an increasingly popular form of Martial arts with it roots beginning in Thailand. The Muay Thai fighting style is a great form of self-defense, where one uses their elbows, fists, feet and knees to strike at their opponent to bring them down. Because this fighting style incorporates a full body workout, using one’s own body weight, it proves to be a great cardio workout. It helps to increase one’s stamina and fitness.


Apart from being able to standup for oneself against bullies and thugs, there are a large number of Health benefits that one achieves on choosing this fighting style:

Great Physique: Owing to the nature of the fighting style and rigorous Training methods followed at the Camp, all the muscle groups come into play. This gives each and every muscle group the right amount of size, shape, and strength, to not only look good but feel great too.

Strength: The workout requires a great deal of foot and body movement to both evade and land perfect blows. One tends to achieve great stamina coupled with powerful muscles, capable of withstanding all that stressful workout

Agility: The full body work requiring one to always be on their toes, gives you great mobility and alertness. It makes you quick enough to find the right openings, all the while keeping your own self out of harm way.

Stress Reliever: All kinds of physical activities are good for relieving stress but Muay Thai takes it to the next level. Exhausting your muscles to the extreme, while keeping your brain sharp and active, takes quite a lot of toll on the body. Hence relieving endorphins. Furthermore, it is a combat sport, where one can take out all their aggression piled up from their daily routines.

Thailand is bustling with Muay Thai ‘s training camps such as . Since it is their national sport and a part of their cultural heritage, people of Thailand excel at it. Many tourists travel to Thailand to learn this form of martial arts. It is easier to do since staying in hotels and getting a well furnished room there does not cost you much. You can concentrate on learning the art form for as long as you want without having to worry about hotel expenditures.

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