Imagine your friends call you to join them in your favorite restaurant for dinner, but as you sit on your bike and turn the key, it doesn’t start. You try again but it refuses to move. You keep trying until you are sure there’s something wrong that needs fixing. How would you feel then? You are sulking at home while your friends are enjoying without you, because your motorcycle have been so stubborn.

Don’t worry! Even the most expensive motorcycles sometimes do that. Just get your motorcycle gear ready. Here is what you can do when your bike doesn’t start.

  1. Check if the battery is dead:
    Before you start whipping your bike for not starting, take a deep breath and check if the battery is dead. If it is, have it jump started.
  2. See if the Fuel Valve is clogged with rust:
    If your bike is not running, it might be because the fuel valve has been blocked with rust. If this is the case, call a mechanic straightaway because corrosion can lead to serious damage like cracking and leaking of the fuel valve.
  3. Check the Plunger Switch:
    Another reason why your bike is being so difficult is because the plunger switch is stuck. If this is the problem, don’t fret. Just grab a toothbrush and apply WD-40 to release the switch.
  4. Check the spark plug if it’s dirty or defective:
    If your motorbike is experiencing power surges, it means either your spark plug needs cleaning up or changing. Get a spare spark plug from any motorcycle parts store and replace it yourself.
  5. Clear up the tail pipes:
    Bend over and see if your motorcycle’s tail pipes are all clear. Sometimes, the exhausts get polluted preventing the motorcycle to start. Clean the tail pipes if that is the case, and your motorbike is good to go.
  6. Check the electrical connections:
    Your motorcycle’s electrical connections might not be working properly. For instance, some wire might be disconnected. Check by disconnecting and reconnecting different connectors. In case the wires or connectors have been damaged, have them replaced. Make sure you buy the best motorcycle accessories.
  7. See if there is enough fuel:
    This is a bit obvious, but sometimes when you are in a hurry, things as apparent as this escape your eye. Look at your gas gauge and see if there’s enough fuel. You can also shake your motorbike to see if the fuel splashes.
  8. Is your motorcycle a lemon?
    If your motorbike doesn’t start frequently, there is a chance you’ve bought a lemon. Get a mechanic and ask him to check your motorcycle thoroughly. If the vehicle is faulty, contact the person you’ve bought the motorcycle from and ask him if he had been honest with you about the bike.
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