Essay writing is compulsory academic assignment for senior year in every institution and study course. Few students are competent to write their essay but majority of them hardly make an attempt to learn from their mistakes. They need to understand the vital essay writing rules. This will ease their experience of writing the essay and results will be very good.

Essay writing rules

Standard writing rules applicable for all kinds of academic essay are given below. It does not matter what is the topic or course.

Things to remember

Structure your essay

Many instructors confess that they skim read essays because there are myriads of them to check. Skim reading gives them an idea that the student has knowledge about the topic or not. In addition, if they followed the style guidelines. It is wise to structure the essay well meaning make key points visible, so that while your professor skim reads it, the message gets across clearly. Clear structure of the essay makes it easy to read.

Include thesis statement in introduction

Thesis statement introduction is vital because it reveals the main point of essay in concise format. Place thesis statement in the end of introductory paragraph. It serves as good transition to essay’s main body.

Connect separate paragraphs with transition phrase

Sometimes the paragraphs may seem like separate pieces, which is wrong. The essay has to flow smoothly and consistently, so that the reader is directed from point A to point B. Therefore to connect ideas with previous one make use of transition phrases. These act as bridge between paragraphs.

Cite the referred source

If something you read or are best to refer then cite the information source. In this way, the examples you added will be very convincing and the points you desire to prove will be backed with reliable evidence.

Discuss the literature in present tense

Essays based on literature need to be written in present tense. It makes storytelling look more authentic and engaging increasing the feel of presence.

Use advanced vocabulary

Essay writing not just reveals your knowledge but even gauges your competence to select a proper vocabulary and demonstrate your language expertise. Advanced vocabulary helps to replace simple words like nice and good with suitable synonyms to reveal the shades of implication.

Select proper style, format, and language

Style is first thing a professor inspects. Structure will depend on your essay topic. Language used will also indicate your capability to research and evaluate the topic. Right language chosen will prove your opinion and allow explaining point more clearly and intensely.

Common mistakes to avoid

Avoid overwhelming your essay with too much information

Essay needs to be detailed and meaningful but select most vital points. Stay focused on the main topic and avoid including every details of research.

Avoid typo errors

Typing errors never indicate your grammar knowledge or language proficiency but displays your inattentiveness or carelessness of not proof reading the essay.

Avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism means cheating and is punishable. It can damage your grades.

After writing the essay, it is a good idea to have it proofread by someone else. Online proofreading services will help you in editing the thesis. You can order it here for review and be assured to get good grades.