Microsoft office 365 made great stride in managing Analytics data. It is now easy to manage, append and analyze data using power tools. With new featured services from sales force, marketo and others now it is possible to share data and create dashboards and reports at a fraction of time. Excel can also be imported for creation of visual dashboards and easy reports.

Microsoft provides many services under the auspices of Microsoft office 365 such as exchange online, SharePoint online, skype for business and much more. You can go through the various subscription plans at Office 365 Business Plans.

These Microsoft services are provided over the cloud or internet.  The various services and services and subscription plans can be found at

Some features on Enterprise Analytics with office 365

  • Data analytics with rich contents
  • A rich content refers to best features in representing data in analytics. With new ways and graphs and chart representation must for business reports, it is absolutely important that the reports are designed with the best representing tools for greater visual impact on the users.
  • Different and cheap approach to manage data
  • With seamless integration of business intelligence with other marketing and sales platform, it has made possible to manage data from different source under one platform. Data can now be imported from sales report and excel sheets to be used and converted into meaningful information for the entire team.
  • Creating new interactive reports
  • New tools to create and manage reports are an important part of Enterprise Analytics. With huge information and knowledge database, it is important to represent it into visual and chart for deriving information. With interactive reports it become a reality to gain meaningful information from the database of knowledge in any sector
  • Visualizing of data Made Easy
  • Visualization refers to graphs and charts out of raw data input through different services in Analytics. The better the visualizing , the more easy it is to derive meaningful reports and answers
  • Sharing made easy for dashboards
  • With data from many different sources, it is important to accumulate the data in one platform for further research and representation. Hence Analytics makes easy to accept data from sources and use it in representing dashboards and reports
  • Helps in collaborating of data
  • Due to vast amount of data pouring in from many sources, a seamless integration and collaboration of data is required for proper channel creation for data input. Analytics is geared up to meet this challenge and help collaborating of input into seamless effort
  • Easy report generation
  • Report generation is the main motive of analytics. When data are classified into reports and information, it is important to derive meaningful report with less effort and waste of time. Analytics help paves the way for meaningful report generation with online support and other useful tips for users. Apart from those, it also provides different forms of tables, charts and graphs for adequate representation of data. Some other latest modes of presenting data are also available with some technologies.
  • Question Box
  • Question box refers to a new feature where information are made available with the project
  • Power map and power view
  • Power map and view is an advanced feature of PowerBI Visualization tool which helps in greatly enhancing the view and map presentation of data in analytics. Power view and map helps in locating data and information and collaborating them for deriving reports
  • Clubbing and comparing reports made easy and cheap
  • Different reports and data can be collected and viewed simultaneously for making judgments and decision making. Cheap cost and low pricing of this service can be compared at Power BI Pricing.

With a whole range of services under its belt Microsoft is geared to make it a success and stepping stone for coming generation to make it an example of providing various services under a single platform to make the experience an easy and productive one. With Microsoft office 365 all set to be a successful venture that dream is now just become a reality. To know more on Microsoft product and offering visit your nearest Microsoft center or Microsoft service provider.

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