Since the implementation of multiculturalism, America has become a beautiful mix of cultures and people from all walks of life. The immigrants have helped turn the country into a strong global economy with their great work ethic and determination. Along with these things, they also brought with them their cuisines and a range of delicacies that were foreign to many at the time but have since become the mainstays of the food scene. Now there are thousands of culturally themed restaurants across the country feeding millions of every month. If you are struggling to think of what to eat next, here are a few suggestions.

Greek Food

Greek food is internationally renowned, whether it’s their delicious seafood range or their traditional lamb offerings. Parts of Greek food have made their way into the wider public sphere, like baklava, but much of it remains only available at Greek restaurants like Kalidonis Hotels, which makes visits to them a must. The great thing about Greek food in Australia is there are often different levels of Greek-themed restaurants; ones that are more family-oriented and provide meals with a home-cooked feeling, and ones that are highly polished that provide meals that are almost artisan in their plating and taste. There is something for everyone at every price point, so whether you are looking for some delicious char-grilled lamb or some spanakopita (spinach pie), there is something here for everyone.

Thai Food

Over the years, Thailand has become a more popular destination for a vacation spot. With the increase in revenue, the people there have also begun to move all over, including America. Due to this influx, Thai food has become more and more common, and although quite different from more western dishes, it has been taken up by almost everyone. Thai food is notable for its intricacy and delicate offerings that crumble into a delicious mess in your mouth. There is a range of sweet and spicy dishes, from curries to a special type of ice cream for dessert. Some notable favorites are pad thai, green curry, and salt and pepper squid. 

Japanese Food

Japanese food is internationally famous for its almost obsessive dedication to detail, and it is no different in America. It is one of the more prevalent types of international cuisines, and almost every food court will have a Japanese restaurant of some kind. While Sushi is perhaps the most famous food that is related to Japan, there are more ways to eat it than people think of, and you can try that for yourself at one of the more fancy restaurants in the city. As Japan is a string of islands, it is no wonder that a lot of Japanese cuisine focuses on seafood but in a way that is unique to them, from different cooking methods to not cooking it at all, like sashimi. If you do decide to go to a Japanese restaurant, remember to try something different and don’t stay safe with sushi.

Interest in international foods is soaring across the country. Whether it’s from documentaries and cooking shows on television or discovering new foods through specialty restaurants, many individuals, couples, and even entire families are waking up to the possibilities from around the world. Knowing some tips on making international cuisine helps you get started with this culinary adventure.

Know Your Allergies and Sensitivities

You might not identify specific allergies or sensitivities until you try something specific, but you need to be aware of the potential. If you tend to have adverse reactions to highly spicy foods, then kimchi and other Korean dishes might not be a smart move. Then again, don’t be afraid of trying new things. That’s what sampling international cuisine is all about after all.

Cater to Your Flavors

Have some idea what your taste buds are looking for. If you’re craving better physical health, then Meditteranean recipes might be up your alley. Are you looking for sweet, sour, or spicy? Most tastes can be broken down into six specific groups, so figure out what you like so you can pick the right recipes to match your taste bud profile.

Have Places to Shop

For Indian cuisine, you might need to find a local Indian grocery store, particularly if you’re looking for something like ghee. Alternatively, African cuisine might mean you need to find an African store, be it locally or someplace that can ship you items you need. Most of what you need these days can be shipped right to your door. 

Test Run Every Recipe

This should happen even with conventional recipes. If it’s your first time making something, do a test run on your own just to be sure you have the recipe right. That way, you can offer it as dinner or lunch to others confident that the recipe will represent itself well.

Keep Making Your Favorites

If you happen to find some international recipes that you and your family just truly love, then don’t let it be a phase or one-time thing. Plan on making that dish again several times in the future so your new love becomes a regular treat.

Making international cuisine isn’t just a chance to expand your culinary horizons. It’s a great way to start cooking for yourself at home more often. Planning out your grocery shopping and forming a meal plan can save you money over time while improving your physical health.

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