Experiencing a movie in a theater environment is something that can’t be replicated. Or can it? With the right touches, you can create a movie room in your home that feels like you’ve got a private movie theater just for you. All you need is a room in your home (attics and basements are particularly suited), a movie screen and projector, and a few cool ideas. The following are six tips for helping you get started designing your dream movie room. 

Incorporate Soft Lighting

It’s not pleasant when you’ve been watching a movie in the dark and suddenly the lights are blindingly bright. Make your movie room more like a real movie theater by incorporating soft lighting like they do. Install low voltage, recessed lighting strips in the ceiling and around the bases of the seating. Like a theater, it’ll be just bright enough to see if you need to get up, but won’t hurt your eyes. Find some vintage scones as well. Using sconces as your main lighting source opposed to overhead lighting will make the lighting less harsh. You can find lighting fixtures with cool designs like you’d see in a movie theater. You might even get lucky and find lighting that was used in an old theater to make it really feel authentic. Check your local thrift or antique stores to find some unique lighting that will stand out. 

Install Surround Sound With Acoustic Panels

Surround sound speakers bring the audio part of the theater experience to life at home. Not only does it create a louder experience, but it also immerses you right into the middle of whatever’s happening on-screen. Add some acoustic panels to absorb sound and create a better experience by filtering out external and background noises. The number of acoustic panels you’ll need varies depending on the size and shape of the room. You might even want to consider soundproofing the entire room. This will keep any outside noises from entering and will keep the sound from leaving the room too. This will allow you to watch your movie as loud as you’d like without disrupting anyone else in the house. You can get the true movie theater experience by doing this. Talk with a professional to get advice for soundproofing and adding acoustics. It can be difficult to navigate if you aren’t familiar with it. 

Include a Private Concession Stand

Everyone loves the concession stand at the theater. Create your own private concession stand in your movie room by installing a candy display and stocking it with your favorites. Add a popcorn machine and a small fridge with drinks, and you’re all set for a movie theater experience in your own movie room. Make sure you ask all of your family and friends what their favorite movie treats are. You can always make sure you are well stocked with those items. If you do this step, your house will always be everyone’s favorite place for parties and entertainment. 

Install Curtains or Blinds to Reduce Outside Lights

Unless you’re able to create your movie room in a windowless basement, there’s likely to be at least one or two windows where outside light can interfere with your movie-watching experience. You can easily eliminate or at least reduce this problem by installing some floor-length curtains or blinds. Blackout curtains or blinds may decrease the amount of light even more. Remember to go with dark colors, such as deep red, black, or dark gray or blue. You could even install shutters to block out even more light, especially when layered with blackout curtains. That will allow you to get your room as dark as possible. 

A Large Screen

Possibly the most important part of your home theater is choosing the right screen. You will want a high-quality screen for your projector. Choose a projector that has high-quality definition as well. It will make the biggest difference for your movie watching experience. Don’t skimp on these items, you want them to last you as long as possible. Try to find a shop in your city that specializes in screens or movie theater supplies; you will likely find the best equipment there. 

Add Authentic Details

Once you have the base of your home theater ready to go, you can start decorating. This is the part where you can really be creative. You can find movie posters for some of your favorite films to frame and hang on the walls. Look for the perfect chairs that are comfortable, but also give that movie theater vibe. Add some fun movie theater-style carpet or rugs. You might get lucky and find the right decor at some estate sales or antique shops. Paint the walls black or some other dark color to make the screen the focal point in the room. The design details will really give it a movie theater feel. 

A movie room in your home is a great way to enjoy a movie theater experience without the traffic, other people, or worrying about getting tickets. Your own movie room can actually be an even better experience because it’s all yours. You can cozy up with blankets and pillows, pause the movie whenever you want, and truly make the movie experience your own. And when you follow these tips, you can design a movie room in your home that will make you forget there was ever another place you could watch a movie.

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