Everything that we use in our daily life has its own pros and cons. Its depend on our requirements and conditions to use that or not. Electric vehicles also have its own pros and cons. It depends on the user conditions and resource availability like how often he makes use of the vehicle, availability of gas or petroleum in its surrounding area, how many members should accommodate in the vehicle and some other similar conditions all these factors you need to consider while buying a new vehicle. You need emergency service for this type of vehicle you can contact your local electrician to help you out.

Pros of Electric Vehicle

  • Saving money on gas

You don’t have to waste the money on gases and waiting in line for filling the gas. Gas is more costly than the electric battery.

  • Help from the government

The government will provide incentives for using battery power instead of petroleum that emits gases into the environment.

  • Eco friendly

Battery charger are eco friendly as it doesn’t emit dangerous gases into the environment. It is the best source for transport without affecting the environment. The sources like gas and petroleum both emits gases into the air that pollutes your environment and causes the greenhouse effect.

  • New technology

People are generally found of using the new technologies. Battery vehicle is also a one of the innovations that came into the market. As it comes with the unique design and features than the existing vehicles in the market.

Pros And Cons Of Using Battery Electrical Vehicle

  • Additional features

Theis vehicles are smooth and easy to drive. It doesn’t emit any noise, this feature also saves the environment from noise pollution.

  • Cost effective

The price of these vehicles generally within the same range as normal vehicle we don’t have to put the additional amount for getting its additional features.

Cons of electric vehicle

  • Recharge stations

Generally few people make use of this electric vehicle so we can’t find the recharge stations in small distances. If charging goes down in the middle you have to face the problem.

  • Takes long time for charging

Unlike the petroleum and gases the charger takes a long time for charging the battery you have to wait until it gets charged. The persons who travel for long distances is not preferable to take this vehicle. Because, there is the possibility of not getting the recharge stations at that place.

  • Cost of charging the battery

Like petroleum and gas filling, charging the battery also cost us. It is good if you are living in a city where the cost of electricity is less, but in some countries is so expensive. At that place its better to use petroleum vehicle instead of electric battery vehicle.

  • Limited range of driving

Generally, this type of vehicles provides a 100km range. So you can’t  go for a long drive, if you are driving within the city it is preferable, but beyond this it won’t help you out.

You should have at least the contact details of your 24 hour electrician in Sydney to help you out in case of emergency.