Biotin is one of the least known vitamins. Also known as vitamin H, it is actually related to other B complex vitamins, which help our body convert complex carbohydrate into simple glucose. B complex vitamin could also assist our body in metabolizing proteins and fats. They are essential for our healthy liver, nail, skin and hair. They are needed to ensure proper functioning of nervous system. In reality, our intestine flora, especially bacteria, can produce biotin and we acquire it at smaller amount from our daily diets. In reality, biotin deficiency is a rare condition, but it could be indicated by depression, fatigue, loss of appetite, cracked lips, dry skin and hair loss. Biotin deficiency is likely to happen for patients who have been feed intravenously for months.

Health Benefits Of Biotin

Vitamin H deficiency could also happen on people who have absorption problem or who are taking long term anti convulsive medicine. Neurological symptoms may start to appear if these neurological symptoms are untreated. Supplementation is usually enough to correct biotin deficiency. First symptoms should be indicated by thinning hairlines, brittle nails and skin problems. Nutritional deficiencies could also be detected through blood tests and this could be prescribed by doctors if they have problem diagnosing our condition. Actually, many hair loss problems are caused by vitamin H deficiency. Biotin is the cofactor in the amino acids metabolism and it’s necessary for the production of keratin, that’s essential for the structural strength of our hair.

Biotin is essential for the growth of hair cells and it is needed in the fatty acids production. These will be converted into natural oils on our scalp and it can prevent our hair from breaking due sun and wind. Biotin also has a significant role in managing blood sugar levels and it has been shown that biotin can boost the performance of insulin. It’s a hormone that allows our body to accept blood sugar. Biotin can also improve the effectiveness of glucokinase that’s used by our liver to utilize blood sugar. Biotin is critical for energy metabolism and as a co-enzyme, it can helps our body process carbon dioxide. It has an important role in breaking down complex carbohydrates and reducing blood sugar levels. Energy can also be converted more easily from proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Biotin should also help our body in controlling weight. It allows our body to use vitamin B12, folic acid and protein. Biotin deficiency will result in disrupted formations of glucose and fatty acids. As with other supplementation tasks it is highly advisable that we consult with medical professionals and primary physicians. Plant-based foods are primary sources of biotin. Pregnant women should also make sure that they could get enough biotin to ensure the health of their infants. They could acquire biotin through supplementation or milk fortified with a variety of nutrients. Biotin could be a somewhat obscure vitamin, but it is essentially important for our health. Many health problems could be associated with biotin deficiency.

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