Around 100 kilograms of food is wasted per person every year. But do you know that you can help reduce food waste by properly arranging food in your refrigerator? And by reducing food waste your family can save up to $1500 per year.
Clever Ways to Organize Your Refrigerator
So set-up a fresh and frugal fridge using the tips below:


Milk should not be placed on the fridge doors where temperature often fluctuates. It should be on the middle shelf where temperature is more stable.


Just like milk, eggs last longer where temperature is more consistent so they should be on the middle shelf as well. Therefore, they shouldn’t be in the fridge egg container. Also, don’t remove them from the original carton.

Raw Meat

Raw meat should be on the botton because juice drips can contaminate the whole fridge.


Condiments such as ketchup and mayonnaise are usually high in natural preservatives so they’re safe on the fridge door. These items also don’t require refrigeration. So if you need to free some space, they can safely stay on the pantry.


Vegetables stay longer and fresher with a bit of moisture. So look for the drawer in your fridge that says ‘vegetable’ or ‘high humidity’. It’s the moistest part of your fridge and vegies should be kept there.

Whole Food

Once cut, whole food expires quickly. So make sure you only chop or slice whole food like vegetables, fruit and meat when you’re ready to consume them.

Older Food Items in the Front

Newer food items must be in the back of older food items. This way, you’ll know what to consume first and prevent older food items from expiring.

Leftovers in Clear Glass Containers

Keeping leftovers in see-through containers gives you a visual inventory of what you have so you’ll know how long you can keep them and what meals you can make out of your leftovers. Also, remember to only keep leftovers in the fridge for a maximum of four days.

Salads in Mason Jars

The best way to keep your salads fresh is to keep them in mason jars. It allows them to last for one to two weeks.


Give your food items enough breathing room since cool air needs to circulate in order to keep the items cool. Over-packing can cause your items to spoil faster.

Label Containers

Label containers with permanent markers so that family members to help members stick things to their proper places. It also allows you to easily find the items that you need when preparing your meal.
Aside from the tips mentioned above, remember to always keep your refrigerator clean. Remove unconsumed leftovers and wipe down the shelves. By keeping an organized fridge, you’re not just helping your pocket. You’re also helping save the environment by reducing food waste.

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