The beauty industry is enjoying an explosion of interest. Access to social media and the desire to look like a celebrity has propelled millions of women into their local beauty salon for spa treatments, acrylic nails and minor cosmetic procedures. Twenty years ago, most people didn’t have a clue about Botox. Today, we can have Botox in our lunch hour, followed by a leg wax and a pedicure.

Starting Your Own Beauty Business – What You Need To Know

A Booming Industry

The industry is booming. In the UK, an estimated 12 beauty salons open every week, each one trying to outdo the others with designer interiors and innovative equipment. You don’t need expensive qualifications to become a beautician; you just need some marketing savvy and a tasteful salon. For young women, the beauty industry is a popular choice, so if you have visions of catering for a stream of beauty-obsessed women (and men), here are a few things you need to know before opening your first salon.

The beauty salon and day spa industry is hot right now, but in order to be ultra-successful, you need to stand out from the crowd. It isn’t enough just to offer a range of generic treatments. Customers are spoilt for choice, so unless you offer something different, why would they choose to visit your salon?

Target the Right Client

Do some market research. Are you hoping to attract footballers’ wives or harassed mothers looking for an escape from their brood? There is a huge distinction between the two, so it is essential that you target the right clientele. High-end clients will expect luxurious treatments and be willing to pay a premium whereas ordinary women will be happy with basic treatments such as bikini waxes and eyebrow threading. The point we are making here is that it is a waste of money investing in expensive equipment if your target demographic can’t afford to pay for the treatments.

Location, Location, Location

Target clientele and location are inextricably entwined. To a certain extent, your target client will determine where you open a salon, and vice versa. However, you do have some leeway, since most people are willing to travel for the right service. Nevertheless, choose your salon premises carefully, as it will have a bearing on the type of walk-in customers you see.

Invest in the Right Equipment

To provide a wide range of services, aesthetic and otherwise, you need equipment. Some will be relatively affordable, but high-end cosmetic treatment equipment for tattoo removal, hair removal, and laser lipolysis is expensive. However, you can save money by investing in used cosmetic lasers for medical practices if you decide to offer elective cosmetic procedures.

Inexpensive Startups

One way to cut costs when you are starting a beauty clinic business is to open a pop-up in a large hotel. Many hotel chains offer beauty treatments to their guests, so investigate whether there are any potential business opportunities in your area. Once you have established your brand, you can move to independent premises and build a loyal clientele.

Focus on providing high-quality treatments, and you will have no problem building a loyal customer base.

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