The internet has transformed the way people look for work and the recruitment world is evolving to accommodate mobile platforms and the online reading culture. South African job portals are playing an important role in curing unemployment rate by simplifying the job hunt for people who are unemployed or looking to change their career path. The first place most people will start is by going to a search or a job aggregator like and we have put together three key tips to assist jobseekers to look for work online:

  1. Open an account with a job aggregator like Zigo

A lot of people tend to feel stuck in their current jobs or can’t seem to find a job that suits their career interests; on the other hand there newcomers to the job market from high school, university and college who don’t even know where to begin. The ideal place to start online is Zigo where users can create an account; with enough details, the candidate will soon be exposed to an array of jobs in South Africa.Zigo is a different kind of website in the South African market because it works as an aggregator collecting jobs from a majority of site advertising jobs in South Africa, this allow visitors to search for jobs such as searching for call centre jobs in Johannesburg, the search query will provide all the latest joburg call centre jobs.

  1. Set the relevant alerts for the type of job you are looking for

Zigo uses advanced online technology to host an array of jobs in South Africa and it is branching out into the UK and USA. Users can create alerts and they will receive emails informing them of the latest posts in their desired career path. This simplifies having to go to a particular site and eliminates the possibility of applying to the same job twice.

  1.    Updating your profile and CV on a regular basis

One of the key strategies in keeping interesting online profile is to increase your line presence by regularly updating your profile and ensuring that your CV is the most recent version. The same applies to your social media profiles, website and blog.