Your flooring is a big feature in your home and can really make or break a room. You’ve probably spent a significant amount of money on your dream floor especially if you have real wood, so don’t put up with this irritating creaks and squeaks! It might feel like it’s going to be a long and fiddly task, but it’s actually easier and quicker than you might have first thought. If you live in a home with squeaky creaky floors, you’ll be all too familiar with how annoying they can be. Let’s see how you can fix those noises.

Insert Shims into Gaps

If you have a space beneath the floor, then this is the perfect way to fix any noise. Identify the creaky floorboard, then check to see if there’s a gap between the top of the floor and the underside of the subfloor. Then spread some glue into the gap and this should eradicate any squeaks. Don’t force anything in which can create a hump in the floor above. The shim should fill the gap and prevent the floor from moving up and down.


Although shims are a great solution if you have a small area, adhesive is a better way to fill long gaps. Once It hardens, it’ll prevent movement and therefore no noise. This can work in smaller areas too.

Nail a Board

Wood flooring can twist, warp and shrink and as a result a space opens up between the planks which then causes creaking. Applying a plank of wood along the squeaky area will keep it in place firmly and is a good long-term solution. Secure it in place with nails or even glue – but you will need to have access to under the floor for this method.

We hope that you at least one of these methods works for you. Of course, sometimes there’s just too many squeaks and creaks to fix and you might have to bite the bullet and purchase a new floor. However, it’s at least worth a try!

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