With the entry of smartphones into the market, a number of companies have started producing various models. However, nowadays there are lots of models from different companies and that too with various features that simply confuse the buyers. There are many more devices entering the market everyday, and hence those who want to buy a new device must go through some of the specifications that can help them buy the right device. There are many companies which are market leaders in this arena, and one of them is Korean telecom giant Samsung.


In the last some years, there are a number of brands developing, designing and selling Android smartphones which are pouring into the market. One of the leading brands that have been selling Android phones and has the biggest customer base is Samsung. It is a South Korean brand which has its headquarters in Seoul and was founded in 1938. Now it has created a huge customer base in India as well, releasing good phones every year for every class of people. The phones range in price and features, and it can be well said that Samsung has created a definition for Android phones in itself. It is a competitor of Motorola which is another leading brand.


The Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime is a new release by the brand which is expected to hit the market in September 2017, and the following article will delve into the detailed features of the same. One of the cheapest phones by the company, this is a phone designed for the lower income group people who want to buy a touchscreen phone with minimal features. As Samsung is one of the most trusted brands, there is a guarantee of the quality of the phone within the price range.


Display and Screen


The Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime will have a high-definition IPS LCD screen of 5 inches, and it will have the pixel density of 294 PPI. This is one of the first phones which will have a 5-inch display within the price range, therefore, is definitely a delight to its buyers. A bigger screen is good for images and video watching. However, the resolution may not be that much effective as the pixel density is low. As it is from brand Samsung, the buyer can surely expect quality. The screen resolution is 720X1280 pixels only, but in this budget, it is also considered as a good one. The device has 70.51% screen to body ratio which is considered as an average one.




This is the main area for any smartphone as all the operations are managed from it only. Hence one cannot compromise with software part, and the company like Samsung will never do that. The phone will have an operating system of Android V7.0 Nougat. It will possess a 1.4 GHz quad-core processor which will be set on Samsung Exynos 7 chipset. The phone will also have 1.5 GB RAM which is enough for the smooth functioning of the phones keeping in mind its other features. It is advisable to keep the running applications to as minimum as possible and avoid multiple uses of applications for a smoother running of the phone.




The camera is known as the parameter of a smartphone. Usually, buyers, these days love to go for better camera features. The SamsungGalaxy J3 Primes will have a 5 MP primary camera and a 2 MP front camera with a LED Flash which will help the user to click pictures at night or during low light conditions. Within this price range, the camera quality is pretty good and can be used for basic personal photography.


Battery and Storage


The phone will consist of a removable 2600 mAh lithium polymer battery which will ensure that your phone restores charge when too many applications are not in use, and one is not watching a film or listening to music. It is better to charge the phone whenever it is possible. The removable battery is an advantage because if there is battery damage, then you can always have the option to replace it.


Coming to storage, the phone will have an internal storage space of 16 GB which can be expanded up to 128 GB. This is enough to store a large number of data and media files on your phone. Hence the best part of this device is the storage capacity. Those who just want to dump any file or images saved from social media can go for this device as one will not require cleaning the storage frequently.


Connectivity options


This device will be with a single SIM slot and all 4G, 3G and 2G network will work on the same. There are other regular connectivity options like mobile hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS and Micro-USB with a 2.0 port. Hence all the standard options of connectivity are provided on this device that can help one exchange the files through any of these mediums.




The Samsung Galaxy J3 Price in India is expected to be 4490 INR, and it falls under the low-priced range phones. Hence there is no doubt about the success of this device among the experts in the field.




If you are looking for a cheap android phone which has minimal features, then you should definitely wait for this phone. The phone comes with a 5-inch display which is not generally available in this price range, and the operating system is Android Nougat which will ensure a better interface and features. But since the RAM is 1.5 GB the phone might experience lag and cause hindrance during usage. The camera is moderately good at this price and the storage space both internal and external will help you to store a lot of music and other media files. Samsung ensures a great touch and performance, and so if you are keen to buy a cheap Android, then it is always better to go for one of the oldest brands to be on the safe side. Hope you like the article for more information to blow your Curious mind go to The socioGeek.

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