Traders have grown in numbers in India over the past few years. This is especially so since SEBI allowed the Algo Trading in the Indian exchanges. This allows traders to automate their trades which are a big help. As for the increase in the ease of use, the introduction of the mobile apps has made things better for traders.

Choose the Best App

You can check the Best Mobile Trading App in India on the online website of the service providers. To be sure you have the best app you must check whether they have all the necessary features. These include customized watch lists, advanced charts having many indicators for monitoring trade, and overview of many market indices in one glance.  Of course, not many apps offer all these together but many of the trading apps have most of these useful features.

You get push prices and live quotes from around the world if you use the best trading app. It covers the major stock exchanges such as Dow Jones, NASDAQ, futures market, and S&P 500. You can follow and make trades in agricultural or livestock products, energy, precious metal, and commodities. You will be able to make trades in any of the major currency pairs including GBP/USD, EUR/USD, and JPY/GBP among many others.

Read the happenings Online

The best way to make trade is to keep up with the news online. This tells you about the things that are happening and you can note the events that will impact trade soon. You can use the personalized watchlists to monitor your assets and make the trade. The mobile app has the alert service that sends you price-based notification through email or SMS message. This is useful for making the needed changes in the trade.

You have plenty of interactive time charts to help you plan your campaign. These include intraday time frames and view of special features such as the logarithmic charts. To get more accuracy in your trade to make more profit, you can make use of the popular technical indicators. These indictors include the Bollinger Bands and MACD. You will get help for choosing the best and promising securities through the Stock Screener.

Use the Charting Tool

One of the most useful tools is the interactive charting tool. This tool has powerful features like the customised time frames with volume data and intraday data with different display options such as grid or crosshair, along with different chart types. You get to select the stock according to many criteria such as performance within different time frames like weekly, monthly, yearly and so on. Else, you could choose the stock according to some other criteria such as EBIT, market cap, net income and turnover, and many others.

For getting a deeper online access, the app should be equipped with currency converter that includes all the major currencies including Bitcoin. When you want to make a trade, you merely have to enter the amount and make the currency of your choice. Then, they currency is converted and entered into the trade. When you make a currency your favourite, all your transactions will proceed with just one click.

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