Since almost two decades the field of telecommunication has changed a lot. Initially, there were just mobile phones known as feature phone where users were dependent on texts and calling facilities only. After a few years with the change of technology, the smartphones entered the market, and the way of communication got totally changed. There are a number of tasks that can be done with the help of a smartphone, and hence, the majority of the users turned to the smartphones. The companies also knew this, and hence they started making various phones in this category. One of such company is the One Plus which is much famous in the market these days due to one of its device.

One Plus is one of the leading cell phone brands in the market nowadays. The company has its headquarters at Guangdong in Shenzen, China. The company first came out in 2013 and serves around 42 countries all around the world. One Plus is known for its robust configuration, smooth functioning, good battery backup and amazing image quality. With it six mobile models which were launched over four years, the One Plus 5 is the latest model which is already out in the market.

There are a lot of Chinese brands flooding the Indian Market, and One Plus has made its name in the past five years. The phone has a very high demand abroad, and the customers are well pleased with the service of the company and smooth working of the phone. One Plus 3T which was released in 2016 and the One Plus 5 is a better successor of the previous model both in its features and looks. If you are looking for a high-priced range phone, then the One Plus 5 might be a perfect choice for you.

The Pros and Cons Of One Plus 5

Display and Screen

The One Plus 5 flaunts a display screen size of 5.5 inches, with a high definition optic AMOLED display which is protected by a Corning Gorilla glass. The Adreno 540 graphics card provides the phone with an immaculate display, and the 6 GB RAM makes the phone easier to use without any lag or stoppage. The highly detailed display and the fast multitasking capability make the phone a treat for gamers. The phone is much known for its display resolution which is Full HD and 1080X1920 pixels. The pixel density is also considered as very good with 401 PPI. The weight of the device is 153 grams. The screen is a capacitive touchscreen with multi-touch. The screen to body ratio of the device is also 72.81% which is also considered as a good ratio.


The software is the core of the smartphone on which all the functions of the device depend. One Plus 5 uses Android V7.1.1 (Nougat) as the operating system, and the phone is available in black and graycolours. The quad-core processor is placed upon a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 MSM8998 chipset. The phone also possesses an octa-core processor of 4 (2.45+1.9) GHz. The dual processor along with its high-functioning RAM helps the phone to work without any lag. The device is also provided with Adreno 540 graphics for a better experience of gaming and view of images as well as videos.


For a smartphone, the camera is considered as a highly-required feature these days. Hence any device which has got better camera can be preferred by the users. The makers of the One Plus 5 has taken this point seriously. The phone has a dual primary camera of 16 MP and 20 MP and a front camera of 16 MP. The camera has a LED flash which helps to click bright and detailed pictures even at night or low light. Along with that, the camera is capable of doing 4K video recording. The other features which are available on the phone are HDR, exposure compensation, ISO control, digital image stabilization and so on. Thus, needless to say, the phone is a treat to customers who are into phone photography since the quality can easily replace a digital camera.

Battery and Storage

The One Plus 5 has a 3300 mAh lithium polymer battery with the facility of dash charging. The battery backup is moderately good, and during multitasking, you might have to put the phone on charge at regular intervals, but due to fast charging, the phone does not take much time to charge. Hence the users who are worried about battery performance can go for this device and carry out all the required activities without any tension.

The internal storage capacity of the phone is 64 GB, but there is no scope for expandable memory as there is no slot for an expandable memory card. Since the battery and the storage are two of the most decisive factors, you must mark this important while buying a phone. For those who want more storage, this can be a disappointing factor.

Connectivity Options

The phone has dual SIM slots which support 4G, 3G and 2G SIM cards and also has regular connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and a Type C USB port.


The One Plus 5 price in India is 32,999INR, and it definitely falls under the high price range phones. As the competition is tough in this segment, the device has tried to perform well and also got success to draw the attention of the users.


If you are willing to spend a good sum of money to buy a phone, then One Plus can be a perfect choice for you. The phone is hardy, stylish and has outstanding features at the given price. The high functioning RAM and immaculately bright display help to see the captured images without any flaw. Games generally lag when the RAM cannot support the game. But you won’t face a problem in this phone since the 6GB RAM can easily compete the speed of a computer. It is also great for using multiple applications at the same time without any hindrance. The phone must top your list if you are keen on clicking pictures on the phone. Both the front and back camera is of high-quality thus making it a photographer’s phone. Hope you like the article for more information to blow your Curious mind go to The socioGeek.