Winter is quickly approaching and home owners must have a home heating system in place to keep everyone nice and cozy once the below freezing temperatures arrive. A brand new heating system can provide much needed heat and comfort to any home. However, if you are like most home owners, you have an older system in your home that could really use an upgrade. But, you do not have the money to make the purchase for an upgraded system. This can be discouraging as a new unit does have a high installation cost that you may not be able to afford. Thankfully, there are ways to upgrade your existing system or options you can try to have a new unit installed in the home that meets your budget and heating needs. Check out the tips below to get started.

Small Upgrades

If you want to get started on upgrading your heating system without a high cost, consider making small upgrades. A simple option is to change your existing thermostat to a newer, more efficient model. With this upgrade, you will have a thermostat that can easily be controlled and give your heating system a much needed rest.

Repair Service

Do you have an old heating unit that is in constant need of a little TLC? If so, be sure to schedule regular repair service with a trusted team like Alek Air. If you are repairing the same issue over and over again, consider having a brand new part purchased instead of patching the problem. This would not be a complete upgrade but a small change that can help your unit as well as keep money in your pocket. Consult the technician on what you can do to upgrade your heating system.

Tips To Upgrading Your Home Heating System

HVAC Programs

Because a new heating system has a high cost, there are some energy companies as well as HVAC companies that offer programs for assistance. If you cannot afford a new purchase fully but would be able to pay payments, consider checking for such programs. You can call your local energy company as well as HVAC providers and see if they offer programs in which you can make monthly payments on a new system. This is an affordable way to have a new unit installed without having to spend all of your life savings to install a new heating system.


Another option to consider is rebates. Many governments are now offering rebates or cash incentives for home owners to install a new energy efficient heating system. You should check with local HVAC companies to see if they have any information on rebates or incentives in your area. This could mean so much money off a certain type of installation or cash back after your installation. This option is a great way to get the most for your money with a new installation.


If you know that you have an older HVAC system, you may want to consider creating a savings account for a new installation in the future. By starting an account, you can put so much back each week or month and then slowly build the money up until you have enough to purchase a new heating system. Determine how much money you can save each week or month and stick to the plan so that you can fully pay for a new heating system.

By searching for resources in your community, you will be able to have a new unit installed in the home and enjoy the warming comfort of a new heating system. Contact your local HVAC providers in your area to see what options may be available to you.