Choosing the Right Web Hosting Service

Although it might seem that choosing the right web hosting service is not a big deal, but in fact it is not a question of whether you will opt for the right hosting service, rather it is a question of not siding with the wrong hosting service. Consequences can be dire if you happen to stumble upon the wrong web hosting service, and for SEO any kind of hindrance can be the end of the path, especially for the content you’ve provided if aiming towards larger audience.

Read on to make an informed decision to protect your website, content and SEO efforts.

Shared Hosting

The biggest issue with opting for shared hosting is that your site is placed among many others that share a common server and address. Thanks to its low cost, it is a great deal and often a great starting point for recent SEO sites. However, more often than not, shared hosting has a big issue with being grouped with other sites, which can be flagged as bad or spam sites. In addition, Google will consider the address as bad, thus your site will also be branded bad. Plus, performance is also an issue.

VPS – Virtual Private Servers

Even though, for a bit more, you can have your own part of the server, you still share the same address with many other virtual servers, and once again you can be branded if only one site has gone bad. On the other hand, you will not have any issues with performance, because you have more control.

SEO and Web Hosting: How Big Is The Impact?

Dedicated Servers – the Host with the most

Once you become a mature site, and your SEO is developing nicely, it is time to move on to the big boy’s league of hosting. Dedicated servers costs are expensive, but you get what you paid for: a personal physical server, a dedicated address and maximum control over your site and content. Yes, it is the final step toward site maturation, but it is well worth the wait.

Many hosting companies are recommending dedicated servers by pointing out four major advantages: secure location, quality of service, safest and most secure option, and scalability.

How will they perform?

In terms of performance, of course, dedicated servers take the cake; you will not have to worry about downtime nor whether your site can handle the traffic because as soon as something happens, you can alert support to fix the pending issues.

In general, site speed and performance are big problems for any site and unless you have good IT support backing up your web hosting services, be prepared to deal with a lot of site frizzes, slow speeds and even files going missing or haywire.

Site Ranking

It is important to note that all of the factors related to physical hosting will be interlocked with the SEO relations Google’s algorithm finds adequate. Basically, if everything goes smoothly and as it should, if you post great content and if you have great SEO usage than you will be ranking in the top. More than that, remember that Google will have a big say in how your site will develop in the future, so it is good to be on their good side and to do everything possible to adhere to the rules.


How secure and spam-resistant your site can be is an issue that you have to deal with as soon as possible. Spam and negative SEO attacks can not only lower your rankings but also ruin your site, worse than that, all of that can ruin you as an author. You will have a tough time trying to get back in the SEO game once Google has branded you.

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