Mediterranean Europe has a rich cultural heritage that boasts of some of the most spectacular pieces of art and architecture in the world. These glorious relics of the past stand along the surreal natural wonders, creating a spellbinding landscape. The islands of this region are a fascinating blend of pristine beaches, lush greenery, and marvelous monuments. These magnificent kingdoms of the sea hold the most enchanting sights and sounds of the continent. Here are some of the most amazing island resorts of Mediterranean Europe that will help you experience the true beauty of this region.

Santorini in Greece

Top 5 Island Resorts Of Mediterranean

At Santorini in Greece, you will be greeted by the iconic blue and white houses and a mesmerizing view of the Aegean Sea. This island is home to many remnants from the past, such as the ruins of ancient civilizations and the craters left behind by volcanic eruptions. Visit Akrotiri to look at the remains of a Minoan settlement or the Art Space gallery to admire the work of modern Greek artists. A walk along the edge of the Caldera, a depression created by one of the most ferocious volcanic eruptions in the history of mankind, is highly recommended. The food and wine of this island are as wonderful as its historical treasures.

Majorca in Spain

Top 5 Island Resorts Of Mediterranean

The island of Majorca in Spain is blessed with some of the most breathtaking beaches that are embraced by the Mediterranean Sea. The landscape is dotted by hills and vineyards that impart a rustic charm to the island. The most impressive monument of this region is the La Seu Cathedral, one of the highest Gothic Cathedrals in the world. The stunning architecture of the royal residence, Palau de l’Almudaina, is also incredibly grand. The coast holds some secluded coves while the almond blossoms drench the verdant meadows in spring. Majorca is the perfect retreat to enjoy the brilliant sunshine and the carefree lifestyle of Mediterranean Europe.

Brac in Croatia

Top 5 Island Resorts Of Mediterranean

The island of Brac is home to the uniquely shaped beach of Zlatni Rat. This white pebbled beach resembles a horn that impales the turquoise blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Besides adorning a majority of the Croatian postcards, this beach is also one of the best spots for windsurfing in the country. The northern part of the island, on the other hand, has a rocky terrain and is largely occupied by the locals. The oldest settlement of the island is at Skrip, where there are a few museums dedicated to the local history of this region. Other popular spots on this island include the Supetar Mausoleum and the rock carvings at Dragon’s Cave. On the other hand, harbors of Brac are popular spots for those who enjoy activities such as sailing and yachting in Croatia.

Capri in Italy

Top 5 Island Resorts Of Mediterranean

The Italian island of Capri displays the vibrant colors of nature and the fine architecture from the Roman age. The Piazzetta or the main square is the perfect spot to immerse in the local culture of this region. You can also head over to the sea cave called Blue Grotto to plunge into a fascinating marine world. The peak of Mount Solaro offers a panoramic view while the marvelous ruins of the Roman villas are captivating. The flowered terraces of Giardini di Augusto offer a cool escape from city life while the open air cafes are ideal for a lazy afternoon. This cocktail of modern culture and traditional heritage is truly intriguing.

Malta in Malta

Top 5 Island Resorts Of Mediterranean

The most striking features of Malta include the megalithic temple complexes that date back to 3500 BC, making them some of the oldest free-standing structures known to man. Exploring these complexes offers some insight regarding the life and culture of the olden times. Visit the Grand Master’s Palace to view the collection of weapons and armors from the medieval period or the St. John’s Co-Cathedral for its fantastic Baroque architecture. The island is home to a number of interesting museums, such as the National Museum of Archaeology and the National War Museum. The Ghar Dalam Cave is another famous site, where the fossils of prehistoric animals were found.

These alluring islands are the pearls of Mediterranean Europe that represent the best that this region has to offer. From the idyllic scenery to the medieval buildings, each aspect of these destinations will sweep you off your feet. No visit to Europe is complete without making a stop at these fabulous islands!

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