Croatia is the perfect destination for the travelers who are looking for a relaxing vacation where they can enjoy the soothing sounds of nature. This mesmerizing nation is replete with rustic towns and breathtakingly beautiful national parks that are serene retreats devoid of the hustle and bustle of the modern cities. From the untarnished splendor of the majestic islands to the comforting music of the waterfalls, every part of the country offers unique sights and sounds against a peaceful backdrop. Here are some of the most alluring vacation spots on the coast of Croatia that are famous for their tranquil environment.

The City Of Makarska

Serene Vacation Spots On The Coast Of Croatia

The horseshoe shaped bay of the city of Makarska is the perfect place to bask in the sunshine, with the wind blowing through your hair. This enchanting city that lies between the sparkling blue Adriatic Sea and the mighty Biokovo Mountain is known for its old world charm. Many a lazy afternoon can be spent exploring the medieval churches and local markets that liven up the main square, and the Franciscan Monastery is a great spot for admiring the traditional architecture of the region. A walk through the promenade is yet another relaxing experience in the cooling shade of the coconut trees.

Krka National Park

Serene Vacation Spots On The Coast Of Croatia

As you step inside the Krka National Park, you will feel that you have entered a life-size painting. This magical kingdom bears innumerable natural treasures but the most famous of them all are the gushing waterfalls that add hints of frothy white and blue to the green landscape. The most popular cascades of this region are those of Skradinski Buk and Roski Slap while the Krka River that flows through the park offers many other enthralling sights. The lovers of history can visit the Franciscan Monastery on the island of Visovac and can also explore the Krka Monastery that is known for its old school architecture.

The City Of Split

Serene Vacation Spots On The Coast Of Croatia

Split is the second largest city in the whole country and the most frequent on the Dalmatian coast. Its main attraction is no doubt the Diocletian’s Palace, an ancient and well-preserved monument of the great Roman Empire. But unlike many relics from the past, the palace is in fact still in use and remains one of the most popular and beloved places in the city. As a complete contrast to the urban environment of Split is the Marjan Hill, which is smoothly integrated with the city and presents perfect place for anyone who is on a lookout for a perfect serene place. Marjan is covered with dense pine forests and reaches its peak at 178 meters in height. The peak is popular for providing a wonderful panorama of Split. The city itself is easy to navigate, and agile taxi services are there if you are in need for transfer from Split airport.

Vis Island

Serene Vacation Spots On The Coast Of Croatia

One of the furthest islands from the coast of Croatia, the island of Vis is also the one with the most mystical atmosphere. Vis was cut off from foreign tourists for several decades, due to security reasons, and therefore boasts of pristine natural beauty. The Stiniva Beach is one such natural spectacle that is hidden from the sea by gigantic cliffs while the Green Grotto is a massive sea cave where one can enjoy a refreshing swim. Mount Hum provides a phenomenal view of the sunset and the Archaeological Museum that is housed in an Austrian Fortress displays relics from the intriguing past of this island.

The City Of Opatija

Serene Vacation Spots On The Coast Of Croatia

The city of Opatija has some marvelous beaches but what truly sets it apart from the rest of the coastal towns is its impressive display of sculptures and magnificent buildings. The most popular landmark of the city is the statue of the Maiden with the Seagull while the Fountain of Helios and Selena is yet another famous attraction. The Villa Angiolina is known for its opulent design and for the lush green park that surrounds it. The former village of Volosko has still managed to retain its rustic scenery and walking along the waterfront of Lungomare is a great way to admire the grandeur of the seaside villas.

These amazing destinations are the best spots to enjoy some peaceful scenery and to take a trip to the bygone era. These glorious locations display the finest gems of Croatia and offer a chance to experience the true Croatian culture. This is one vacation that will leave you feeling thoroughly refreshed and rejuvenated and will drive the stress away!

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