In the world of instant lifestyle, multiplying To Dos and shrinking leisure time, every minute of peace counts a lot. If your home is your personal safety bubble and love nest, you’d better decorate it with relaxation and comfort in mind, to serve as motivation as you elbow your way through fast-paced daily schedules.

Here, we have a few practical tips on how to organize your garden and turn it into a snug spot for laid-back hours spent in private or with your loved ones al fresco, away from everyday stress and fuss. Breathe in – serenity is just a few steps away, right there in your backyard paradise. 

Treat Your Mind: Ways To Create A True Garden Paradise

Plan Your Garden Oasis

Based on the look you aim to create, prepare a detailed garden layout. Do you want to plant aromatic herbs, or would you rather be an organic veggie gardener? How much shade do you need in your backyard? What trees and plants thrive best in your climate? Should your garden have water facilities such as fountains, streams and ponds? Where do you want the seating area to be? Check plant compatibility, sowing and harvesting seasons, water, soil type and sunlight requirements, and other important gardening essentials.

Prepare Your Own Compost

To make compost, layer whatever organic waste you have at hand into a compost bin or just stock it up as a pile in one corner of the yard. The pile base should consist of brown materials such as twigs and dried leaves. The next layer should be green and include discarded papers, lawn clippings, used teabags and uprooted weeds. Water the compost pile regularly and stir or flip it with a pitch fork once in a while until your soil amendment is ready for use.

Plant Protection Basics

As your garden grows and ripens, it will attract various pests, including rodents, birds, slugs and bugs. To keep your plants safe from unwanted visitors, get a pair of gardening gloves and a few pesticide bottles to spray around the garden. Choosing quality pest control supplies is the key to success at this stage: with low-quality, ineffective products, you’ll just be wasting money and time, because pests will collect the fruit and veggies of your labor even before harvest time. In addition to this, you should also have proper weeding tools to help you with the unwanted, harmful plant growth.

Treat Your Mind: Ways To Create A True Garden Paradise

Love for the Feathery Friends

Birds add a cheerful, healthy note to any garden, so you should show some love to your feathery friends. Throw crumbs in the garden occasionally and once birds become your regular guests, you can also make your own feeders using plates, carton or plywood. Making birdhouses and feeders is a great family DIY project that will teach your kids generosity, care, compassion and a few handyman skills – and such tasks offer far better room for bonding than the telly or PC time.

Garden-bound Family Projects

Small-scope improvement projects outdoors are a fun and creative way to spend time with your family. Over the weekend, you and your kids can make garden decorations such as bright-colored mushrooms, dragonflies made from beads and wire, ladybugs made from stones, dwarfs and other fairyfolk, as well as add some much needed privacy to your yard. All you need to create some magic in your backyard are basic woodworking tools, glue, paint, wood, carton, wire and a few extras like china pots, pebbles and stones.

With a bit of time, manual labor and patience, your garden can become anything you want it to be: an organic food source, playground for your kids or a favorite spot for quality family time outdoors. So, why not put that neglected backyard to good use? Garden planning and maintenance are fun, easy and creative – and every invested cent and drop of sweat will definitely pay off many times over come harvest time, lazy weekends at home or neighborhood BBQ afternoons.

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