The good old methods of diligent research and devoted practice always work when it comes to improving your essay writing skills. Do they help you achieve your full potential? No! You’ll be surprised with the results you can achieve when you implement the right educational tools into your practice.

Spending your time searching for the best tools is the last thing on your mind, right? Don’t worry; we will guide you through the apps and online resources that every student needs, so you’ll be able to get to work without wasting a minute.

Tools that Improve Your Grammar and Vocabulary

If you’re wondering where to start, ‘the basics’ is always the right answer. Even the most impressive arguments will seem silly when you don’t present them with proper grammar and vocabulary. Check out the following tools that will help you build a solid writing foundation:

  1. TheGuidetoGrammarandWriting – this site guides students through the English grammar without complicating the concepts. You’ll progress from word to sentence to paragraph level, so you’ll finally be able to compose essays.
  2. BetterWritingSkills – the tips at this website are mostly focused on proper sentence constructions. If you don’t want to waste time with grammar lessons, then this is the perfect online resource for you. It solves the most common dilemmas you encounter during writing, such as who’s or whose, who or whom, i.e. or e.g. etc. Check out the monthly newsletters to find tips that will help you build your grammar and vocabulary skills progressively.
  3. OxfordDictionary – a classic educational tool that helps you understand the meaning of any English word that comes to your mind.

Tools that Improve Your Creative Thinking Skills

Although the essay seems like a rigid form of writing that has nothing to do with creativity, your professors always want to see your personal approach. You cannot take few online resources and paraphrase them to achieve the word limit; you need to think with your own head and offer something your teacher has never seen before. These are the tools that can boost the creative thinking process:

  1. 18 UnusualWritingIdeas by Writing Forward – this guide teaches you how to approach the topic in the most unusual manner. The tips can be implemented to almost every assignment, so take them into consideration before you start working on your new project.
  2. Write101x: EnglishGrammarandStyle – this is a free online course that helps you discover your own voice as an essay writer. First of all, it covers grammatical principles and word usage. However, it also teaches you about writing style and reveals great resources that will guide you further.

Follow a Great Example!

You cannot start practicing essay writing when you can’t evaluate a good sample, can you? Your teachers expect awesome essays, but you hardly know what the projects are supposed to look like. If you’re in such situation, then you can browse through essay writing sites or pick a top rated writing service on and hire a professional writer to provide personalized guidance.

A writing service can provide assistance on any type of project, so it’s a smart solution when you’re stuck in the middle of a writer’s block or you don’t even know where to begin.