A lot has been said and discussed about what defines a good web design. Different designers have different ideas about creating the best website. While it is difficult to be very specific about the key parameters that define a good design, there are certain elements that are very fundamental to it. Here they are:

Interaction between the Background and Foreground Content

Every design has a background and foreground. Your text and other content forms the foreground while the images or the blank screen behind the content is the background. What actually determines the visual appeal and effectiveness of the website is the interaction between the foreground and the background.

What Defines A Good Web-Design?

There should be just the right amount of balance between the two because if the foreground content is too meagre, the page looks inadequate and too sparse of content. If the foreground content is meagre and the background is gaudy, the entire user experience nosedives into the negative zone. The right use of colours or images in the background along with the right placement of content in the foreground is crucial to create the right interaction.

Ease of Comprehension

The ultimate objective of any website is to provide relevant information to your customers. So, a good website design needs to present content in a way that is visually appealing as well as easy to read. The most important content needs to be presented prominently so that the visitors can find it easily. The navigation bar needs to be well organised so that interested visitors can easily find their way to the required pages.


The graphics on the website make it interactive. However, if you overdo the graphics, the entire page begins to look garish and ruins the user experience. The trick is to make the buttons prominent but not too big and gaudy. The buttons and other interactive elements should not overpower the main content on the page.  

The Flow of the Page

Experts will tell you that the best web designs are based on layouts that have a natural flow that somehow draw attention from one important content bit to the next important bit. The placement of colours, perfect white spaces, size of the text font, use of images and the alignment of content are all responsible for creating the right flow in the page. If you get it right, the page almost seems to have invisible arrows that guide you through the page.

The Presentation Pattern

There are numerous patterns in which websites can be built. The latest trend is the infinity design. As the name indicates, this is an infinite page that does not end. In other words, you keep scrolling and content keeps appearing as long as the content is available. There is also the conventional type of design in which content is divided into different pages. No one design is superior or inferior to the others. The choice should be made based on the kind of website and its target audience.

With these basic elements in mind, you can create a website that is effective, efficient and result oriented. A good web design Lebanon can give a huge boost to your business and help you grow exponentially.