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Ways To Keep Your Offices Tidy

If you own an office or several offices for your business, you’ll be responsible for keeping them clean and tidy. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend every evening cleaning up after yourself and your staff, but you do need to make sure that there are proper rules, regulations and cleaning procedures in place. Here are just a few of the ways to keep your offices tidy.

Ways To Keep Your Offices Tidy

  • Inform the Staff Regularly

You should inform your staff on a regular basis about the offices and how they need to be kept tidy. Employees are likely to forget that this is a necessity, and with long hours at work, things can start to look a little untidy. If you have an internal email system, send out a general email if you notice things getting out of hand, and remember to be firm with your staff even while maintaining a good relationship with them.

  • Hire a Cleaning Service

A lot of businesses hire a cleaning service or individual cleaners to come into their offices each morning and clean up. This is usually very early in the morning, e.g 5-7a.m., before all the staff have come into work. While you might not be able to afford that for your business at the moment, it may be worthwhile contacting a self-employed cleaner and seeing if they can come into the offices every Monday morning or at the weekend. During the week, just make sure everybody tidies up after themselves a little bit.

  • Shred Unwanted Documents

One of the things which takes up most space in an office and makes it look untidy is unwanted paperwork. Yes, there are undoubtedly going to be documents which need to be kept, but there are also likely to be hundreds of sheets of paper which nobody needs any longer. Rather than attempting to shred all the paper yourself using a small and slow personal paper shredder, hire a professional company who will be able to shred the paper quickly and efficiently. Visit the company’s website before hiring and find out if they offer the services that you need. Check that they can come to your business location and see if they will give you a Certificate of Destruction afterwards.

  • Consciously Keep things Tidy

In your own office and around and about the other offices, look around each day to see if anything can be cleaned or made tidier. If you do this every day, you’ll be able to keep things organised and neat as you go along, rather than leaving a whole load of rubbish until the end of the week when you want to go home on a Friday evening.