In the field of commercial renting, leasing and buying, different types of office spaces are sought by businesses. Prominent among them are coworking office space and plug and play office space.

 Coworking is a mode of work, associated with a shared environment of work, of mostly independent activity or an office. Coworking office space is manned not by employees of an organization but by independent workers like independentcontractors, work at home professionals or people on the move constantly,who work in relative isolation.

Coworking is a social get together of people who work independently but have common values and desire the synergy from working together with likemindedworkers. Coworking alleviates the problem of isolation faced by several freelancers while freeing them from distractions at home.

 It is not about a physical place but more about the creation of a community. But some coworking places do not build a community; they just join an existing one. Also, some large companies adopt the coworking model that focus on shared, flexible services and space instead of community.

On the other hand, with telecom services becoming as equally important for an office as water and power, the commercial industry of real estate is witnessing the emergence of the new age office in which telephone system and data networking services and equipment are installed and ready for using at once- this is called the ‘Plug and Play’ office.

In common practice, the networking and telecommunication system is designed by the lease holder, during the phase of building the premises as well as managing it afterwards. Typically, the leaseholder owns and deploys its own telephone switch and network electronics and manages its internet and telephone access, in a direct fashion with providers of services.

Commercial buildings mostly include spaces and pathways to feature telephone and network equipment, which is owned by the service provider or leasing organization. In contrast, the plug and play office is usually wired for internet access and telephone to support operations from day one for clients. The maintenance of the infrastructure is done by the building owner.

Designs usually include network electronics, wiring, wireless infrastructure and telephone system to support a variety of needs like long distance and local telephone, wireless network, Local Area Network (LAN), internet access and Wide Area Network (WAN) that connects remote offices.

The core concept is infrastructure that is flexible enough to cater to a wide variety of clients. The first type is a business which needs office space quickly and it gets immediate connectivity via plug and play offices. Second type is a company that do not want to take up the burden of deploying infrastructure.

Thirdly, building owners enjoy the benefit of creating highly attractive environments for lease. In some markets, the plug and play office provides a substantial competitive advantage in the field of commercial real estate, where there is fierce competition. Building owners may also provide the new technology of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) like plug and play office space in Bangalore.

To many businesses like start-ups, Plug and Play office space helps to keep lease terms and budgets to a minimum. New businesses benefit from offices equipped with wiring, furniture, and phone as well as computer equipment.

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