Get ready for the coldest weather you’ve ever experienced when you visit Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; Oymyakon, Russia; Nunavut, Canada and Verkhoyansk, Russia. To be fully prepared and not get sick, make sure you stop by Sierra Trading Post for all your needs.

Before visiting Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, get a wool scarf, insulated gloves and heavy coat from Sierra Trading Post. Discover nomadic culture at its best when you visit in winter and take part in the celebration of welcoming winter and create ice sculptures with its people. Visit a temple, feel at peace and warm up to continue your journey. See rare, once thought extinct, endangered horse species and be ready to snap a shot to show your friends. If you need to do shopping you can take the train to Erenhot, China.

Get your hat, parka, boots and gloves from Sierra Trading Post before leaving for Oymyakon, Russia. When you visit stop by the park dedicated those that died in World War II and take a close look at the statues of frozen soldiers. Make sure you visit Preobrazhensky Cathedral and learn about its history.  Or go on the ice and catch fish, snowmobile, or dog sledding. You’ll be surprised the many activities you can do even if only indoors.

Be prepared and get hiking footwear and softer soled shoes from Sierra Trading Post for your adventure in Nunavut, Canada. Have the best arctic experience of your life, and see the true north when you visit. Enjoy nature to yourself, feel on top of the world and go hiking, camping or kayaking.  In your hiking trail, stop by Auyuittuq National Park, around Cambridge Bay or Gjoa Haven. If you opt for kayaking, get neoprene clothing from Sierra TRading Post to protect yourself from cold water.  Take breathtaking photographs of the shorelines you pass, of the walrus you see and the iceberg you touched.

Keep warm and get a hat and a face mask from Sierra Trading Post to hold brave in Verkhoyansk, Russia. Brace for cold temperatures in the negatives and visit a place known as ‘Stalin’s Death Ring’ because political exiles were sent here during the eighteenth and twentieth centuries.

Enjoy the coldest weather you’ve experienced in your life, keep healthy and shop at Sierra Trading Post.

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