What is the best way to sleep? This is the most asked question so far because people don’t know how to get better sleep.

[su_highlight background=”#cee8f0″]Sleep is very important for those who want to lead a healthy life. If you are not sleeping on time and not getting enough sleep, then there might be changes that you are going to be sick.[/su_highlight]

Some people work about 18 hours a day and sleep just for 4-5 hours. This method can cause sleep apnea or sleeping disorder.

As our world is getting busy, most of us don’t have time to sleep well, and even some suggest that sleeping can cause other issues too.

What is the Best Way to Sleep

If you are not getting 8 hours of sleep, then you might be able to have lower back pain. Sleep directly affects your mental and physical health. This can also cause many issues, such as sleep apnea, sleep disorder, insomnia, and many more.

Not getting enough sleep also refers to unhealthy routine, and this could be possible because of many factors such as:

  • Working for more than 2 days without taking a nap.
  • Following an unhealthy diet plan.
  • Not walking, no work routes.
  • Drinking too much caffeine.
  • Drinking alcohol.

All these factors can affect your sleep, and if you are doing that, you have to be careful.

How can I get Better Sleep?

This question can be challenging because most of the people are not sure about how to get a perfect sleep. Following a diet plan will do the work. If you are eating healthy and clean food than you can easily get good sleep.

If you are having sleep difficulties, I would suggest you work on your life habits and routines. You can also try different things, such as exercise and yoga.

[su_box title=”Sleep Apnea”]If you have sleep apnea, then here is the guide that can help you with better knowledge of how you can solve this issue. Sleep apnea can be the biggest hurdle in your good sleep. So if you are trying to solve this issue, try to solve it as soon as possible.[/su_box]

Here are some amazing tips too that you can use to get better sleep. Remember to follow all of these rules as they are best for you.

  1. Try to sleep on the same day and wake up at the same time
  2. One hour napping is enough
  3. Avoid sleeping for a long time on weekends
  4. Spend more time outside
  5. Let natural light come into your house

All these tips are best if you want to get a perfect sleep. You can also add different activities such as different types of workouts if you want to get a perfect sleep.

Additionally, you can also add some healthy habits as well. It is not difficult to sleep if you know the right tips. Still, have the same question what is the best way to sleep? These tips will be your answer.

what is the best way to sleep

5 Best Sleeping Positions for Lower Back Pain  

Do you have regular back pain daily? Don’t know what the best way to sleep to avoid lower pain is? Here are some tips for you that you can try to avoid lower pain.

Sometimes, lower pain can create issues for you, such as causing disability if you are facing lower back pain on a regular basis than you can also consult the doctor.

Interestingly, lower back pain is not caused due to cancer or any other disease. Most of the people face this issue due to not getting proper sleep. Lower back pain can also be caused due to depression and stress.

Here are some ways that you can use to sleep in a better way. All of these tips are very effective when it comes to avoiding lower pain.

  1. Have a pillow between your knees

I am sure most of us do this as it’s one of the best hacks for better sleep. If you want to sleep, then try to have a pillow between your knees. It will make you more comfortable and helps you in better sleep.

Keeping a pillow between your knees will help to align your hips, legs, and spine. Also, you can change the direction if you want to. I would prefer you to try the right side because it helps in fast blood circulation

  1. Sleep in the fetal position

If you have Herniated Disc, then you have to try the fetal position. This position will help you to reduce lower pain and will also help you in getting better sleep. Furthermore, by adopting this position, you don’t feel lazy while you are awake. Different studies also suggest that trying this position helps you in fast recovery in you are injured.

If you are having lower back problems, then I would suggest you use this pose because it’s best for you. Not just that, sleeping in curl direction also helps in flexibility.

  1. Keep your pillow under your abdomen

What is the best way to sleep? Keep your pillow under your abdomen. In this way, you can sleep well without any difficulty. Not just that, sleeping in this pose will also help you in reducing lower back pain. While trying this position, you don’t have to face any issue.

This pose is highly recommended for those who have severe lower back pain. You can also try this pose if you feel sick. All you have to do is lie down on the bed and keep your pillow under your stomach.

This method also helps to release stress and helps you in getting a fresh mind. Trying this method can also save you from depression and anxiety.

  1. Sleep on your back with a pillow.

Want to lower back pain? I would highly recommend you to try this method. If you keep a pillow on your back and under your knees, you will feel more relaxed. It also helps in fast blood circulation. Meanwhile, trying this sleeping pose can help to reduce back pain.

While trying this method will help to distribute your weight all around the body, and you will feel relax and active. I suggest this method to those who are inactive and want to try something new.

  1. Try reclined position

Sleeping in one direction is best for you because it helps you to stay active while you are awake. Reclined position is best for those who are sick and are on medication. This position will allow them to feel relaxed for a long time. On the other hand, if you are feeling low and want to have perfect sleep, then this position is much recommended. 4

Men’s Health Month also shows that good sleep helps men to stay active for a long time.

Other sleeping tips

Here are some other sleeping tips that you can follow to have a good sleep.

  • Don’t drink caffeine before bedtime.
  • Try to stay hydrated all the time.
  • Stay away from electric devices before you go to bed.
  • Listen to bedtime stories.
  • Exercise is best for you.

Final Words

What is the best way to sleep? I think it depends on which makes you feel better. You can try different methods as well to sleep well, and even yoga can also do the work for you. If you are having trouble while sleeping, try these methods as they are best for you.

Now It’s Your Turn

Comment below your favorite sleeping pose and why this pose is better than ours.

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