Life is an unlimited possibility. People will try to convince you otherwise. It is not an uncommon sight to see people being easily convinced of the conventional narrative of working 9 to 5. They think that life is a limited possibility and being safe is the only way to survive. This belief system has become a norm and is damaging the world in unprecedented ways. World dynamics have shifted from the paradigm of “Survival of the fittest”. Now humankind has been blessed with such comforts that you can easily survive. Even then, people who experience life to the fullest are the ones who are the “Fittest”.

With the majority following the norm like sheep, some people have the courage to break the barriers and live the life of unlimited possibilities. They show the world that limited life is just a mindset and once you overcome that life uncovers itself in unimaginable ways. These people lead by example and show the world how it feels to live life at its best. Their lifestyle is also a lesson that everyone with dedication, courage and passion can lead the life they want.

Amongst such personalities, one name worthy of being mentioned is Dr. Yusof Mutahar. He was born on 18th March 1990 in Perth Australia. Dr. Mutahar is the prime example for people to see that life is not bound to be lived in a box. Dr. Mutahar was born to Mohammad Mutahar and Mariam Mutahar. He was a student at Hale school and graduated in 2007 and achieved his MBBS from the University of Western Australia in 2014. Furthermore he received a Specialist Degree in General Practice from the Fellowship Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. He has obtained further training is cosmetic surgery and injectables. He is a man with a purpose and has directed his energies towards preventative health. He believes that preventative health is the most important aspect of reducing mortality and sickness.  As a general practitioner, his interests are pretty diverse such as in Pediatrics, Antenatal care, Cardiology, Asthma and Respiratory Diseases, Immunizations/Travel Medicine, Sports Medicine and Rheumatology. He also has been involved in lecturing new doctors and medical students.

Being a doctor is just one aspect of the life of Dr. Mutahar. Aside from his profession, he has accomplished so much that astonishes us at the amount of energy Dr. Mutahar has. He is very particular about his health. He is a judo athlete and shows by example that being fit is the only way to lead a healthy life. He is the co-founder of Dr. Yusof cosmetics which shows us his entrepreneurial expertise. Just when you think he has achieved so much, Dr. Mutahar would amaze you with his modeling skills. The list of his talents and achievement goes on but the lesson for us all is; we need to learn from such personalities and try hard to live life on our terms rather than following the norms. Life is lived to the fullest when we push ourselves to the limits.

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