What is Muay Thai?

              Muay Thai is martial arts which has its origin from Thailand and different Asian countries. Muay Thai has originally come from Muay Boran which is an ancient martial art. Muay Thai is modern form of Muar Moran as it uses punches and kicks in the ring. The body areas used in this martial art are mainly knees, hands and elbows. The evolution of Muay Thai art is almost 100 years old. It has been known by different names in different countries. Because Thailand’s previous name was Siam the foreigners named this martial art as Siam boxing.

In the past, soldiers were trained with this martial art to defend the citizens during the war. The soldiers were trained for hand to hand fight, and they know how to use weapons. The Europeans and Americans were so impressed by their training and they asked soldiers to help them in their training of Muay Thai.

When this martial art started to become famous the rings were introduced and modern Muay Thai took birth. The rules of the Muay Thai got modified a bit so that it became a more organized sport.

Muay Thai includes both offensive and defensive techniques. Offensive techniques include kicking, punching and clinching while defensive techniques includes blocking, avoiding and disrupting.

The training of Muay Thai has many health benefits for both men and women. You can stay healthy while training for Muay Thai. There are many training camps in Thailand that trains the tourists for Muay Thai and helps them in losing their weight and to stay healthy.

We will discuss some of the health benefits that you will have while training for Muay Thai.

Weight Loss:

              The major benefit of Muay Thai training is weight loss. As modern Muay Thai is more like a boxing game hence it is an obvious cardio. Cardio elevates your heart rate and constant motion helps you in burning your fat. Muay Thai is not to burn fat from a specific area of the body but it includes the whole-body training. While punching you will be using your arms and shoulders and while kicking, legs and hips will be in motion. Training for Muay Thai in intervals such as round of 3 to 4 minutes and then giving rest to your body is a perfect technique of losing weight.

Improves your lungs and heart capacity:

              Muay Thai also helps in improving your lungs and heart capacity. It helps in elevating the heart rate which means more blood will be supplied to lungs and heart. More blood pumped to lungs will supply more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Improving lungs capacity will also help in making more oxygen for the blood that will pass through it. You can read at Suwit Muay Thai training camp and gym because it is a good Muay Thai information.

Strengthen core and hip Mobility:

              Your core will get strong when you will train with Muay Thai. Kicking and punching will increase your movements of core and hence provide strength to your muscles of lower body. These kicks and knee movements not only improves the core strength but also increases the mobility of the hips and having healthy hips can save you from pain and several other medical conditions.

Sharpens the mind:

              The Muay Thai training sharpen the mind and also sharpens your focus. Having a sharp mind will help you to act and react more efficiently and effectively.

Stress Reliver:

              Muay Thai is a fast paced sport and training of Muay Thai helps you in relieving your stress. Relieving stress will help you to focus in your work. Mental fitness is also important along with the physical fitness.

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