There are millions of people on Earth right now and untold millions of others have lived before. Obviously, humans are unique and there are many things that are special about us. Humans are the only one who gives a damn about dress and fashion. They often follow specific fashion and clothing fads. For them, hairstyles can be incredibly important. They use high heels and wear makeup. They also worry about special calendar dates and are consciously aware about the passage of time. They want holidays and have the need to escape the routines of life. They are also talking about anniversaries and these are often considered as an important part of their lives. They know about the essence of personal stuff and family history; although it can be totally irrelevant to their welfare, education and health. People also crave “likes” on social networking websites. They also have deities and convinced about their relationships with these invincible beings.

What Makes Human Different Than Other Species

They often prioritize on nationalisms and they defend their countries, regardless of their sense of right and wrong. They may also be based on specific race and the concepts of genetics are important. This may still relate to common animals, because they tend to mate with the same breeds, although they are based on the same species. For people, the concept of philosophy is considered as interesting, although not similarly important to many people. Like bees and ants, there are social hierarchies of people. As an example, royalty is a concept that differs a small group of people with the average individuals. Celebrities are also considered as important group of people and they are often the source of entertainment. Human often care about specific awards-giving ceremonies and they are often considered as the most important events in entertainment industry.

We often pat ourselves in the back for any achievement. Unfortunately, humans are also sexist and racist species. They even have the desire to make things explode and wreak destructive havoc. However, they could eventually rationalize their idiocy and learn from past mistakes. Unlike animals, humans are also more likely to get affected by obesity and they may even have means to drive specific races to extinction. People also think that they own the whole planet and have a desire to manage it. Then engage in self-harming activities, like eating high-fat food, over-eating, speeding, playing loud music, using drugs and even suicide. People also have the desire to accumulate money and misuse it. They have the need for creating and adhering to rules and laws. Ultimately, people need to build a police and military forces; both to defend themselves and to attack others.

Like any animal, people also have offspring, but they also practice birth control, due to fear of overpopulation. This could happen when the population is in no danger of extinction and larger population could limit the use available resources. They could even practice abortion, especially if childbirth is not their intention. Now, human could consider themselves as the masters and lords of Earth, but they could also be the one who destroys it.

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