Haridwar is a beautiful religious city in Uttarakhand, with the lofty Himalayas set in the background. It is a sacred pilgrim city with the river Ganges passing through, making its way into the plains from her mountainous abode. The city in itself – apart from its religious and holy eminence – is a beautiful city, with lush green forests, majestic Himalayas and the pure, clear water of the Ganga giving the city its serene nature. Moreover, Hari means God and Dwar means gate, therefore Haridwar is actually called the ‘Gateway to God’. Many tourists from the country as well from abroad flock here to experience the diverse culture and religion.

With so many tourists – especially foreign – spending time here, it’s no surprise that celebrating Valentine’s Day has intermingled with the otherwise religious culture in the city. Many wish to send valentine gifts to their loved ones settled, or vacationing there. However, not many find it easy to choose gifts easily.

Thankfully online gifting has made it easier for everyone to ensure their loved ones are remembered on Valentine’s Day – near or far. The wide range of products available in the catalogue feature quality gifts that can be delivered right to the doorstep. Moreover, these gifts have competitive rates and the procedure for payment is equally simple.

 Here are some great gifting ideas to send valentine’s day gifts to Haridwar, albeit with a twist – the Zodiac Valentine’s Day gifts.

  1. Aries – People of this zodiac love to be the centre of attention and therefor love gifts that are luxurious and creative. Designer products, jewellery and branded gifts agree with their personality.
  2. Taurus – Taurians are romantic by nature. Fill a room with a thousand red roses and see how a Taurian mate swoons with pleasure!
  3. Gemini – With Gemini’s variety is the spice of life. Moreover they love to be up with the latest trends. Trendy clothing and accessories are great gifts for Gemini’s.
  4. Cancer – Cancerians are sentimental by nature. Any gift given with love and meaning will be treasured and valued. Soft toys, flowers or personalized gifts will keep them wanting more.
  5. Leo – Majestic Leos love to be treated majestically. They love being showered with expensive gifts. Exotic flowers, jewellery, expensive wines will make a Leo love you more.
  6. Virgo – Self-conscious by nature, Virgos love being practical. Gift a Virgo a utility gift that they can use. Personal calendars, kitchenware, gadget will make a Virgo happy.
  7. Libra – Dating a Libran? Look for sophisticated, romantic gifts. Scented candles, soft toys, limited edition items, engraved watches and wallets, home décor gifts appeal to Librans.
  8. Scorpio – Scorpios are intimate people. Gifts that express intimacy, like personalized gifts, wines, clothing work well for Scorpios. Moreover, Scorpios do not like over-the-line PDA (public display of affection). Therefore it is wiser to keep the gifting toned down. Example? A single red rose will appeal more to a Scorpio than a hundred red rose’s bouquet.
  9. Sagittarius – Fun and impulsive Sagittarians love surprises. Try sending little gifts as a surprise over the span of the day and see the excitement in their eyes.
  10. Capricorn – These guys love nostalgic, classy and practical gifts like personalized gifts, exotic cakes, bags, flowers, and utility gifts.
  11. Aquarius – Intellectual and wit-filled Aquarians love modern, artistic and creative gifts. Choose trendy accessories, decorative items or simply add in a bunch of mixed flowers with a love poem.
  12. Pisces – Easy to please Pisceans love anything from cakes to chocolates, to flowers, to pens, to wallets, to kitchenware. One can really go all-out with gifting a Piscean; however, one should add a touch of romance to the gift and see the magic.

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