There are a lot of people who feel apprehensive about consulting a chiropractor, because either they are not sure if the matter should be dealt by a medical physician or a chiropractor, or they are not sure how to select a chiropractor. If you have questions like ‘what am I looking for’ or ‘how do I know if he is the right chiropractor’, you need to decide how you would like the chiropractor to help you. Here are some pointers you should consider when looking for a chiropractor.

What To Look For In A Chiropractor


It is definitely not the mark of excellence of any professional, but you should start with checking their credentials because you don’t want to put your spine in the hands of someone not qualified. Chiropractors have a DC degree from an institution accredited by the Council of Chiropractic Education.

Frequency of Visits

I have often heard people say ‘I have been going to my chiropractor for two years; he is amazing’. This very seems very oxymoronic to me because the job of a great chiropractor, like a doctor, is to fix your problem, not make it last for two years. Of course, you could have some injuries that do take a long time to heal, but the average slightly misaligned spine or wrist shouldn’t take that long. Talk to your chiropractor; if he thinks your frequency of visits should decrease over time- say, from twice a week to one a week to once a fortnight and gradually on to once every other month until you don’t have to pay visits at all- you are in luck. Your chiropractor has an agreeable philosophy of how frequently and how long you require his care.


This is a quality everyone looks in their doctor and the same applies to your chiropractor. The need for communication is stark because you would never feel completely at ease with a new doctor unless you talk openly. So, you need to be comfortable around your chiropractor. When you first visit, talk about your problem and discuss the fees. Ideally, you should feel as though your chiropractor is being up front about the fees and the time he would need to give you proper care.

If you have found a chiropractor who checks out on all the above categories, you are a lucky person. You can find out about chiropractors in your area through internet research.

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