It should come as no surprise that a hard days work can take its toll on the body. If you’re working on your knees a lot you know the feeling. Perhaps your proactive and purchase some large knee pads for extra protection. However, bulky knee pads often shift during the work day placing necessary strain on your back and leaving your knees exposed to hard, uncomfortable surfaces. Fortunately, MASCOT Workwear has developed an innovative way to make a hard days work a little easier. For many years, MASCOT has innovated better ways to make uncomfortable labor more enjoyable. One example lies in MASCOT’s work pants with knee pad pockets. Work pants such as the LERIDA, HOUSTON and RONDA offer craftsmen insertable knee pad pockets that ergonomically align with the knee making life on the job a lot more comfortable and functional.

Protect Your Knees: Mascot Work Pants With Knee Pad Pockets

MASCOT offers three unique knee pad options with varying thickness that all fit perfectly in the work pant. For added convenience, the LIKASI knee pad can actually be washed with the pant itself. Ask yourself if your work pants hold up to the test?