E-commerce is a dynamic concept and the people nowadays rely on these markets for all their major shopping. Clothes, to footwear, accessories, and even food materials, everything can now be ordered online. To fulfill the needs of the people there are many services available online. People have variety and numerous options to choose from. Thus, the competition is huge in the market. Every company strives hard to establish their position and stay in the lead. Out of many other facilities provided by these companies, the e-commerce companies have now introduced the option of live chat agents on their websites. Live chat online is an application or rather software installed by the companies on their sites to provide the required help to the visitors of the website. The idea behind this service is to engage the visitors to the website and help and guide the new people by solving their queries related to the search on the websites.

The e-commerce websites offer great services but many people had to face the difficult times accessing their services. Some of the sites are even designed complicated. Thus getting on to the page of likeable products was not always easy for the visitors of the website. The live chat has therefore made the option of online shopping for the consumers very easy. It is just like the feeling if the website could talk.

One of the latest ways of making website more inviting includes the customization of chat widget. This refers to playing around with introductory messages and the playing around with introductory messages and the labels that we use on the chat bar. Also on some of the sites live chat’s real name and photo are displayed to the customer. This helps to generate authenticity, and establish a trustworthy relationship between the online brand and its users.

Chats are usually made relating to the sales of the products or services, Technical support and quick fixes, Chats from prospective clients who are looking for custom quotes, or to resolve some customer queries.

Alongside the kind of benefits it provides to the users, live chat has become beneficial to the e-commerce companies as well. The live chat agent when logged in, can constantly see updates displaying the number of visitors on their site, they page they are running on, and the number of pages they have visited. Accordingly, they can try to initiate the chat with the visitors and can make the full use of the opportunity to impress them and convert them into their customers.

Therefore, live chat is emerging as a sales and support tool, and many of the biggest brands are using it because of its very efficient and drives lot of advantageous results. The website who has not installed it yet, needs to make this update as quickly as possible for it has become as one of the most essential and helpful tools to let an online shop survive in the market. And most importantly, to generate a lead among all its competitors. Hence, live chat is very useful in the e-commerce world.